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Wednesday, 28 November 2012


This might sound strange but it’s true as a Togolese girl by the name Aishat had her ear cut off by a guy called Mumuni for refusing to work as a maid. According to sources Aishat met Mumuni in a bus on her way to Lagos from Togo in search of a job and the accused promised the 20 year old girl a good job when they get to Lagos.  On getting to Lagos Mumuni got her a job of a sales girl at a food canteen in Badore –Ajah, Lagos  with a stipend of fifteen thousand Naira to be paid monthly, which the lady gladly accepted. Trouble started after the girl had worked for eight months without getting paid, she later got to know that Mumuni had been collecting her salary on her behalf without her knowledge, she left the places to pick another job as a sales help somewhere in Sangotedo area in Ajah Lagos where she earned the sum of twelve thousand Naira per month. Few months later she quitted the job and moved to a hairdressing salon an intern there. There she worked for two months unfortunately she wasn’t satisfied with the job after two months, things became so hard for her and in view of this she decided to approach Mumuni for her salary of  one hundred and twenty thousand Naira, which he collected on her behalf from her former employer. On getting to Mumuni’s wooden house in Agungi, Lekki she stated her mission to him that he should please help her with any amount to continue her training at the Saloon. Surprisingly, as Mumuni moved into his room from the sitting room as if he was going to get the money, only for him to throw a rope on the girl’s neck.  The girl noticed immediately she dragged him, while she dragged him, Mumuni attempted to gag her mouth so she won’t be able to scream while the girl attempted to free herself Mumuni bit her ear, eventually she ran out of the house. She reported the incident to the Policemen at Jakande police station and two policemen followed her to the house, on getting there he had escaped. The police have been on the lookout to arrest Mumuni who is also said to be a Togolese as well.



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