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Sunday, 11 November 2012


Recently, Lagos big boy, President, Change agent of Nigeria (CAN) and founder of Fasholamania Kayode Salako, acted in a multi- million naira yet to be released movie produced by Foluke Daramola. The successful Entrepreneur whose subsidiaries include oil, gas company and a Private group of schools, told islanders Executive editor in Chief, Ola Muhammed why  he invested and acted in the movie and other issues related to his affairs with Foluke Daramola.  

How will you describe acting for the first time?

Acting is what I have always done all my life from childhood have always loved acting, I can remember when I was younger at the Baptist church I was the president of the drama group I used to write plays and direct as well. I have found interest in it since my childhood, the only thing that has not happen to me is to act professionally and I think is a lot experience to me when Foluke Daramola actually encourage me to act and I acted in our own movie. I don’t see myself acting in outsiders movie so whatever am going to be doing in movie industry is to appear our movie or act any movie I think the story line is good and my wife most be there. For me it was exciting for the first time in my life I saw location it was about 20 days it was very exciting and I have to grown my bares because the director told me not to shave. It was not easy in that film title “our parent worst face”. The likes of Funsho Adeolu, Dele Odule was there and princess is all wonderful people. And Femi Kuti his to make one of the best we are still going to have in the movie. His someone that Nigerians will be surprise to see playing a roll there. So the experience has been exciting very motivating, am looking unto acting I enjoy myself in the location I like Funsho,Dele and the person that directed this job we produced. I saw some work/movie he has directed, is name is Mc mark and I saw some of his job like Lost and I became interested him. I told foluke that she should let encourage Mc Mark to direct a story for us and she get in touch to him and here we are. We use one of the best camera red maestros that is what we used for the 20 days the most important things is that coca is producing world class movie that the whole world will see and appreciate from Nigeria. It is only shot in Nigeria but people will not believe that it was in Ago-iwoye and Epe this work was been shot.

If you continue acting, can you act in other peoples movie?

Any motivating or reason to act, I don’t think I can really belong to Nigeria Nollywood industry I don’t see myself has  a  prominent actor I don’t see mys  appearance has movie actor and if I want act in any work/movie I will want to do it must with Foluke or  approval. And if she did not approval it am not going to do it

 What motivated you to invest in the movie industry

I was the executive producer what motivate me is Foluke and Mcmark convinced me give me a product that can be marketable anywhere in the world. I should invest in the project that can sell anywhere not only financially alone but that Nigeria can be compare and present at the international market. we want to give better image of our country outside Nigeria that nothing good can come out from Nigeria. I want to assure you that parent worst faces are the best of films has come from Nigeria. Is not meant for home video it is meant for cinemas all over the world because it was produce for the standard of cinema and we are planning to take this movie to America and London watch out for standard cinema movie that will be show all over the world coming out from the stable of Foluke Daramola, my wife to be and myself Olukayode Salako and our director is a worldwide known classic director

Why that name and it seems the name goes in congestion with the aim of your organization, change agent of Nigeria(CAN) fighting for human right?

The title we gave given to this work is defining by inspirational the story line is talking to parent on what they do to their children harm their children or their future it a story has to do with topically African problem that happen almost every family I want the world to go to the cinema and see the film I don’t want to say anything on it I want to keep everybody in suspect is most watch for every family in world as a whole. 


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