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Wednesday, 28 November 2012



On Sunday, 18th of November, 2012  Tincan big boy, Sharafadeen Oguntoyinbo popularly called Shafex who is into clearing and Oil and Gas named Shafex Company held a triple celebration, Thanks giving, Sabaka Night and birthday party. The dark complexion big boy held a thanks giving party for his life, his mother party for returning from Saudi Arabia (Sabaka Night) and birthday party of his daughter, Nimotalahi Ideraoluwa at anchor event centre, lateef Jakande Road, Agidingbi, Behind Union Bank, Ikeja Lagos. It was a classic party that had the Tincan Big boys and socialites in the Lagos Circle in attendancs with perfect planning from the entrance of the hall, inside the hall, the foods, drinks was surplus with enough champagnes on display.  Most guests at the party adorned in the Ankara (Aso-Ebi) and Lace sold for the VIP’s which distinguished the real guests from those who gate crashed. The presence of the likes of Alh Ibraheem, Kazolawyer, Sherif Arole, Oluwa and Isaika added glamour to the party. Top Fuji star, Sulaimon Alao Malaika entertained the guests while the event was anchored by Baba Lati and Opebe. Today, there is no doubt that the name Sharafadeen Oguntoyinbo  popularly called Shafex has come to stay in clearing and Forwarding and Oil and Gas business in Lagos and social circle. Before the event Executive editor in Chief of Islnders Magazine, Ola Muhammed visited his  gigantic mansion in GRA Okota, Lagos home. He told us about his company Shafex among other things.        

 Tell us about Shafex company?

I have  Shafex clearing and forwarding and its close to 4 years now and am also chairman of Shafex Oil and Gas.


Why do name Shafex and not your name?

My name is sharafa but my friends call me champion then so I decided to give my company Shafex which was coined from my name Sharafa.  

How did you start this business?

I started since 1997 as a laborer and everybody at the port wanted to give me jobs to work for them because of the love they have for me. I thank God for my life today I can’t remember the way I started the clearing and forwarding  business but I know there is a man that took me to tincan to do some job for him and he just liked me may be because I headed the terminal as the head labour in the terminal. Later I was working under this man, Alhaji M.Yusuf who wass the Balogun of Iwo Land, Osun State. One day some boys went to steal and lied against me that am the one who stole perhaps I was the head leader at the port then. Those boys lied against me so that I can be sent away from port or work but our boss trusted me that I can’t do such a thing. Meanwhile, I was the one who brought those boys to Tincan. But they later confessed that they lied against me so I could be sent away. But then I decided not to go to work again during that period because it was really getting to me, in fact I was thinking of taking another job but my wife who was my fiancée then encouraged me to go back to work and not to think of taking another job. A customs officer Mr. Kehinde who used to see me at the terminal and impressed with the way I do my job called me and told me that I should be monitoring containers coming and give the report. At that period of monitoring containers coming to the port some clearing agents suggests that I give clearing a shot instead of checking the containers. And from there I learnt the ropes of the job. It was that period I bought my first car, a Nissan at the rate of 80 thousand I used the car for like a year before I had a near fatal accident at mile 2 and the car was a total write off, I was in company of some of my friend in the car and one of them, Kazeem who sat at the back had his leg broken. In fact, the car is still there till date after two months I resumed to work and since then God has been blessing me and everybody now wants to give their job to Sharafa so I decided to leave labour job and that was how I joined clearing and forwarding  since then am seeing customers little by little also keeping my income. I later met one man through a friend, he just called me one day and said is also an agent and he gave me 50 containers to deliver  within a month. I believe if ones work is good people will know and spread it out for you. Then, he also gave people my number for jobs and one day a man just call me on phone that his name is Ada he said can we meet after the meeting he gave me 150 containers to work for him from the job I made a lot of money so I give thanks to God and that is how It started. At this period of getting money my friends and I  later decided that we need to have a company with a certified license of clearing agent. Then, people do call me champion because that was my popular nickname. So one day I sat down and thought of the name to call the company and Shafex came up and that was how the name came into existence in 2005.

There is this insinuation that goods get missing at the port, that hardly do people get their goods complete?

 It happens sometimes lets talk about cars I don’t like collecting cars as clearing job because there is no much gain in it and that is why people/Agents don’t usually collect cars as clearing job. They make like 10 or 20 thousand from each car cleared. And you see, things missing from cars some time is from the Ship most times they remove stuffs like side mirrors some time at the car park in port. Meanwhile, some times clients wants you to clear their containers fast and when we go and meet the customs for the clearing, if the custom knows the kind of work you are doing they will release your container. Though, the person may say he had electronics there (container) on getting there we may meet plastic and these are problems from owner of the container. But most of these problems are the faults from the owners of the containers because they may pay the average of the money they demanded for their goods to be shipped into the country from abroad and after they leave the agent there will also give him/her average goods because that is what they paid for. It also happen at the port that the place they kept containers some people may vandalize the container and steal items in it. Some times some clearing and forwarding agents will join hands with labourers and steal inside container and they both share what they stole 50/50

What about the delay in delivering goods/containers at the port?

The government changes customs everyday for one reason or the other and these are problems or reasons why goods are delayed and that comes from the customs.

What can government do on this?

There is none thing agent can do or else government can call the concerned and negotiate the price and the agent also which will not change

How would you describe the state of your company now?

I thank God for my life and where is taking my company Shafex to. Because I continue to thank God for the recommendation of Shafex company is getting in the clearing and forwarding and Oil and gas agent.

How can you describe your person?

I don’t know the kind of person I am but am a God fearing person and I believe in destiny and I love my parent so much.

How do you juggle your responsibilities at home with your business?

I love partying even my wife knows that but I don’t play with my family I will never sleep outside no matter the outing or enjoyment out there.

Use one word to describe your wife?

She is a good wife and caring wife, she assists me a lot and encourages me. She stays with me when I don’t have anything and when I didn’t even believe in her. I under rated her and maltreated her. I see her today as everything I have. She is from Epe, we got married in 2003 and her parents are also good parents to me. In another world I would like to marry her again. She wonderful

Can you describe your youthful days?

I was very rugged during my youthful days and not educated but still thanking God from where am coming from and where he’s taking me to. I had my elementary and secondary education in Itoko, Abeokuta, Ogun State.  Later I moved to Mafoluku< Oshodi Lagos. When I was in Mafoluku I was always home alone so I decided to live with my friend. Then I started working and rented a room at Ishola Daniel opposite my friend’s house from there I rented a 2bed room flat at Shogunle, Oshodi and I was building my own house then at Sango, Ogun State. I completed the house in 2005 and people were speculating that I was into saying vices like money rituals and 419. Because of that I moved out of Lagos to Sango and in October 1st two weeks to the opening ceremony of that house I was robbed and disposed of a sum of 8 million naira that I in my car they also made away with the car after they dropped me off at Iyana-paja. After 2weeks of the opening ceremony they came again around 3am they left around to 4am they shot me at close range. It was those reasons that made me move from Sango. I did all I could to develop that estate I really tried for them I built a central mosque and installed street lights for them. I was at the hospital treating the bullet wound I sustained during  the robbery incident a friend of mine informed me that he has a land for sale that I will like it that I needed to see it once I recover. I went to check the land and I paid him. I started the building on it and that is the house we are in today. I thank all my customers that stood by me and my friend Alhaji Ibrahim he also stood by me, he changed my children’s schools and got us the new apartment here before we completed our house. I also thank my brother Sheriff, Tunde Muhammed , Williams and my workers who all stood by me at all times.

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