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Sunday, 11 November 2012


One of the members of a popular musical group on the Island, Michael Nwaogbue who just returned from United Kingdom (UK) told Executive editor in Chief of Islanders Magazine, Ola Muhammed his mission back home and how he and his group particularly Emmanuel Chiazor has been working together.  

Are you relocating back home?

Am still going back to UK, UK is going to be my main place ,because I want to have direct connection to the international market.  I have signed a new label and the president wants me back home and to finish what we started over there. And it’s going to be one man here one abroad.

Many Nigerians guys have been to UK the likes JJC, D’banj and others but they all came back home so what are you bringing back?

What they all bring back that is working for the country entertainment industry and also making it big in Nigeria, so that thing I brought back as well. So am going to apply it to the industry.

2face was once a member of a group called the plantation boys but later broke up, hope yours is not going to be like that?

As it sounds now we’re working with the same mind if you look at UK we have Westlife, Backstreet boys and so many of them so those are the ones am looking at and not looking at the of plantation boys and others here who broke up. If those guys can be together and make something out of it.  Westlife just had their last show and everybody was excited.  The God that helped Westlife  is that same God that will keep trip T am doing something with my colleagues.

Who are the Nigerian artistes you like?

There are lots of Nigeria artistes I love but I love 2face and Wizkid more and I wish to work with them.

You just talked about Wizkid and 2face that you love them both aside these two artistes who amongst them do you have a relation with?

Vector, Timaya ,those are the people we have a relationship with and planning to do something with and mode 9 is there and he’s a guy that directs us, he’s always with us in the studio  and he gives us the updates in the industry as well.

How do you cope with female fans?

We are focused on what we are doing and not being carried away am not saying that I won’t have a girl but I have to know what am doing and not to dedicate my time or interest on ladies to avoid distractions.

Are you saying you won’t allow ladies get close to you?

(Smiles,) that is not what I meant. But not to get carried away by them, ladies.

Are you single?

Yes single and still searching

You know there will be a girl that will scare other girls away from you, who is this girl?

 (Smiles), I will not like to disclose it to you for now.

But one day you will get married?

Of course, we will definitely get married at least 2face got married, we are hoping to do something good for music and not ready for marriage now.

Tell us your antecedent?

Am Nwaogboea Michel, from Obudike town, Delta State, I was brought up in the midst of seven family and am the second to the last.

Did your parents kick against your choice for Music rather than Public Relations, your course of study?

My daddy wasn’t against it when he was alive but my mum heard outside and asked if it was Christian music and I said all music are music but now she has been supportive  and even all my brothers and sister are supportive. But my mum said remember to do one for God.

Hope you have plan to do one for God has she said?

Yes of course, I will dedicate one for God cause God first

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