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Friday, 25 January 2013






People reading this story will be surprised why the story of late Yoruba actress, Bisi Komolafe, keeps coming up. This is borne out of the need to balance the story and to clear the air on some of the controversies that keeps trailing her fiancé. Her fiancé, Babatunde Fatai Ijaodola, invited us for an interview at his late wife’s house, 11 Ologbon Estate, Ikorodu, Lagos.The interview took place at this venue because it was also the day he had agreed with her family to hand over her properties to them. After waiting for 2 hours, Bisi’s father later called to inform him that he couldn’t make it due to a vehicle breakdown they had on their way to Lagos around Mowe. Bisi’s father later instructed Tunde to hand over his daughter’s properties to her landlady. It was at this point that Tunde had the time to attend to us where he gave some shocking revelations on what led to Bisi’s death, how she had a premature baby who later died and his last moment with her.


After granting the Executive Editor in Chief of Islanders Magazine, Ola Muhammed, the interview in his Ford jeep. He then took out some of his belongings in Bisi’s house while the landlady cross-checked as a witness to avoid any issues from the family.


The late 27-year old actress’ Honda Pilot jeep and flat keys were then handed over to her landlady. It was at that point we overhead some people discussing that the deceased family, is after her house in Ibadan and the car she had worked for without family support.

How would you describe the death of your fiancé?
Ehm, there are two ways to describe the death of Olabisi. So sad and disappointing because we had a lot of plans ahead of us, but it was painful losing her like that.

How would you describe the circumstances surrounding her death, especially her last 3 months in the hospital in pain before she died?
I wouldn’t want to comment on that because she’s dead. I will round off by saying God gave us Bisi and when we needed her much. He took her away.

There were rumours that, when she was at the Hospital you never took care of her and even you abandoned her before her sickness?
I’m a very good Muslim, thank God we all have a God that we serve, I’m not accountable to anybody. I want God and Olabisi herself to be the judge. I have heard a lot of accusations. I took care of her when she was alive but the main problem has always been her family members have never liked me, even Bisi knew this before she died. Let anybody say anything, the only thing I know is that there is God up
there watching all of us. Let that God judge me.  She (Olabisi) even prayed for me before she died. My conscience is clean to my late wife and God. Those are the two people I owe any explanation. Let them say anything they want to say, I accept that as my own faith. There’s nothing people will say that would affect me than the death of my wife because she was a lovely woman that a normal guy would want as a wife even at the point of her death.

Why does Bisi’s family dislike you?
I’m doing this interview to clarify certain issues. Why they don’t like me is personal to them. Whether they like me or not, Bisi is gone and she is dead, she’s no more. Let her family come to me if they
are bold enough.

According to some people, they said you kept her at home, instead of taking her to the Hospital. What is your response to this accusation?
I took Bisi to Ibadan myself; I came back from Canada 3 days before Ileya. When a woman is like 3 to 4 months pregnant, she’ll experience weakness and some mild sickness which Bisi felt was normal and really didn’t consider as serious. With this feeling of normalcy, she was still going to location. I then decided to take her to my house because the two P.A’s she had went home for Ileya and I knew she would be alone. I took her to Ibadan to her mum’s sister so that she would take care of her. I didn’t abandon Bisi because I spent more than 2 million on her before she died, but the money is not as important as Bisi. I stood by her from the beginning of her sickness until when she died.

What led to Bisi’s death, rumour has it she aborted her pregnancy?
Bisi never aborted, I am proud to say that she was pregnant for me Babatunde Ijaodola. She was not seeing any other man aside me because we both loved each other. She had a baby boy prematurely at six months but the baby died. She did not die because of pregnancy complications. I wouldn’t want to go deeply into that. Gods knows everything so let’s accept our fate.

People say you were only living on the glory of your late father, that it was Bisi that was taking care of you. What would you say to that?
I wouldn’t want you to add or take anything out of my words when you want to publish it. When Abacha died, what were his children living on? They were living on their father’s name. Abiola’s children are also living on their father’s name. When my father died, should I drop his name as the first son of the family.  Was I supposed to change my name when my father died? I am indebted and  lucky to have a father,  who was a well-respected person in Lagos State. I pray for my own kids to use my own name also. My father was a Permanent Secretary in Lagos State before he died. Whether they like it or not, I still remain Babatunde Ijaodola and nobody can change that. My father stepped down for Mamowora then. Do I look like somebody that is being feed by someone? Bisi Komolafe is my wife, if she was taking care of me. It doesn’t mean anything at least she’s my wife. So let’s just leave it like that.

Were you legally married to Bisi before she died?

Don’t you think that is the reason why her family are fighting you?

This last December was supposed to be our Introduction. All I know is that she’s my wife because for a wife to be carrying ones six months pregnancy. Though we are not legally married but she was my wife.

There is also an allegation that on the burial, you didn’t put sand on her because you guys are not legally married?
It is a lie, I can even show you the picture on my phone. I did all I
needed to do after my wife’s death. I paid her hospital bills, ambulance, e.t.c.

We heard Bisi confessed and became born again before she died. Is it true?
I want to make this clear. When Christians become born again, they use it as confession. That doesn’t mean she said I did something. She only confessed her sins before she could became born again.

Were you deported by you wife in Canada?
I was not deported the only reason why have not travelled is because of Bisi’s death because I wouldn’t want a situation where people would be saying that I went back to the ex-wife in Canada after the death of Bisi. I will call you next month when am in Canada.

What do you intend to do now that Bisi Komolafe is dead?

The next thing on my mind now is to carry out what myself and Bisi had planned before she died. I want to immortalize Bisi Komolafe. I want manybgenerations to know that there was once an actress called Bisi Komolafe.

You said you don’t owe anybody explanation except God and the dead?

If I had done something wrong while she was still alive may her dead not hurt me but kill me, but if I didn’t do anything wrong to Bisi, her dead  should fight for me.

What is the state of Bisi property because her parents said you moved to a leased property?

I did not move to lease the property. They were calling me four days after her death. So I cut the phone on them. Thank God we are waiting for her father to come and take her car.

We had you also have political ambition. How far with it?
Yes, I do I want people to know how powerful my father was. Bisi was a good woman I love her so much even till her death.

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