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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

It was a big tragedy for Nigeria Yoruba Nollywood particularly Odunfa caucus when fast raising actress, Bisi Veronica Abeni Komolafe passed on untimely at  the University College Hospital (UCH),Ibadan, Oyo state on Monday 31st (New year eve). The news of her death came as a rude shock to many of her colleagues and fans due to the circumstances surrounding her death. In the early hours of the 1st of January, 2013 the whole town was agog with the news of her demise without official statement stating what led to her death though some of her colleagues disclosed the cause of her death via the social media that she had a miscarriage two weeks to her death and she died from the complications after the miscarriage. However some of her colleagues who spoke in anonymously told us that the cause of her death was due to the miscarriage of her four months pregnancy after which she lost a lot of blood. But a source close to the late pretty and light complexion actress told us that the pregnancy was seven months old and she had a miscarriage make it the third miscarriage that she’s suffered. It was learnt that her previous miscarriages occurred when she was two- three months gone in her pregnancy but this one was close to the stage where Bisi felt she was close to motherhood. She was said to have lost so much blood and was admitted at UCH for close to two months.  We also gathered that Bisi never disclosed her ailment to her colleagues rather according to sources she went underground. While she was on the sick bed, she was financially down being the bread winner of her family she had nowhere to turn to hence she had to sell her car. Even after selling the car she couldn’t offset her medical bills. In fact, after her death we were told that the management of UCH refused to release her corpse to the family because of the one hundred and fifty thousand naira debt she incurred while on sick bed. Before her death she was said to be planning her wedding to her Canada based fiancé, Babatunde Fatai Ijaodola this year.  
According to the information we gathered her romance to the Lagos born dude  rather than being successful led to Tunde’s  misfortune. We were reliably informed that Tunde’s wife who is based in Canada was his financial support system withdrew all her financial aid from him as a result Tunde couldn’t meet up with the financial needs of Bisi including his inability to pay her medical bills. Tunde Ijaodola according to sources was happily married to the mother of his three kids based in Canada before he commences his romance with Bisi. They both started their romance in 2010 and they decided to marry each other. Last year they both had a secret introduction with the information of the ceremony getting to the wife in Canada and that was the beginning of Tunde’s trouble. After the introduction with bisi, Tunde’s wife who was the backbone of Tunde and his mother’s stay in Canada decided to take a pound of her own flesh by ensuring that Tunde and his mother were deported to Nigeria last year and since then things got worse for him making it difficult for him to survive or even help the sick Bisi financially. It was alleged that things was very difficult for Tunde that it was popular island land merchant, Tunde Orilowo Mutayiru popularly Tunde Omo Onile who was assisting Tunde financially.
The late Bisi Komolafe was one of the most sought after actresses in Nollywood with over 50 movies to her credits ever since she joined the industry  in 2008 with multi award nominations. Her burial mass was held at the Catholic Church, Oke-padi, Salvation Army Way, Ibadan, Oyo State.
Her colleagues in Nollywood were inconsolable as they broke down in tears over her loss.
She survived by father, brother and sister who she take care.   

How would you describe your friend’s death?
It’s so painful that Olabisi Veronica left this world so soon because this wasn’t our agreement

There are insinuations that her death was as a result an abortion she had?
Olabisi did not commit abortion, tell the whole world that I Orebe Yetunde confirmed to you that Komolafe Olabisi Veronica did not commit abortion
She was pregnant for her husband to be Babatunde Omobolaji Ijaodola, and not for Yinka Quadri as speculated, Yinka Quadri didn’t know anything about my friend’s death, don't publish what I did not told you.

We heard that both of you had a long fight over her decision to marry Tunde?
I have never oppose her relationship with Babatunde. Babatunde is not a wretched man, don't mind people they’re saying what they don't know.
People say rubbish about Bisi and I when we fought, some said the reason of our fight is that I didn't want my friend to be a star, some said she doesn't feature me in her movie, some said Olabisi treated me like her slave, some even said Olabisi pimps me for men for a percentage on me but I will tell you this morning that Bisi and I have never had an argument since 2006 that we became friends not until 2011 July that a devil came in-between. We don't keep friends because we don't want anybody to know anything about us but the devil succeeded in July in 2011, we fought over speculations attributed to Bisi and I things like “Bisi said and Yetunde said” and no one settled the matter for us, we settled it amicably between us  in February 2012.

What was the cause of her death?

No one knows the cause of Olabisi death.

When last did you see her last?
I saw Bisi last in October before her birthday and she told me that Yetunde our mother are trying o that to carry pregnant is not easy and I told her that by the special grace of God she will have a safe delivery because I can't wait to carry her baby not knowing that Abeni will leave me so soon
Please tell the whole world to stop saying rubbish about my friend.
What has been your experience so far in your career as an actress, any regrets?
It has been wonderful and I am enjoying every bit of it, except that as an actress you have no privacy. Whatever you do becomes public, you have no secret. You can’t visit places without considering the people that might see you. It’s so good because it is a means of earning a living and I am enjoying every bit of it.

How is life as an actress?
Life as an actress is sweet, good as an actress and I am enjoying every bit of it..

When was your memorable moment in the course of your career?
The first time I was invited to play the lead role in a movie produced titled Aso idoti (Dirty Linen), it was produced by Taiwo Hassan Ogogo, I got a lot of encouragement from Ogogo and Abbey Lanre. I was happy and shocked because I was still understudying them. The job actually brought me into limelight. The encouragement they gave me helped.

Why do you see it a memorable day?
I can’t believe it because my boss just called me when I was still learning and he believed in me. If he hadn’t called me. Perhaps, I won’t be this popular today.

Which movie role will you say is the most challenging?
Almost all the movies I took part in have been challenging but l’ll say the character I played in ARAMOTU is the most challenging. It was challenging because the character I played was that of a betrayal which is never my real character.
In the movie, the character I played was so mean that she betrayed and snatched her friend’s husband. I hardly play such role.

Is it because it was a contrast to your person?
Yes and because of the caliber of production crew that worked on the set. I mean working with whites and the likes of Niji Akanni. I was only invited for an audition and was picked. At that time I wasn’t an established actress yet.

How did your acting career started?
I wanted to do something to keep me busy, then I wasn’t in school! I needed to do something to earn a living. So I went to an aunt who is an in-law to Ogogo. That was how I started in the movie industry. Initially when I started, I didn’t enjoy it reason being that I had to attend rehearsals from Monday all through Friday. But with time and encouragement from people I got used to it.

What year did you join?
I joined the Odunfa Caucus in 2004 but had to stop for personal reasons. So I came back in 2005 to join and I have been there ever since.

What is your educational background?
I am still in school. I’m at the Lagos State University studying Business Administration.

What level are you?
I am in 200 level

As a popular actress you have been entangled into some controversies especially the rumour that you are having an affair with Yinka Quadri, what’s your take on this?
I guess the rumour emerged from my constant acting roles with Yinka Quadri who happens to be my boss. People believe that once two opposite sex in the industry are close or act together at all times that they must be having an affair.
I’ll repeat this again, I’m not dating Yinka Quadri, he’s just my boss.

There was a publication sometimes ago that Yinka Quadri fell sick because you call it quit with him, how do you feel when such things are written about you?
I wasn’t happy at all, but I’ve come to realize that once you a public figure you can’t avoid bad press. I can’t imagine why someone will say that almighty “YINKA QUADRI” will fall sick because of me” it’s impossible!

What’s your definition of controversy?
Don’t know! Well I believe it’s confusion.

We heard you are getting married in June 2012?
That true, I’m getting married to my darling husband.

How did you both meet? And when did you conclude to spend the rest of your lives together?
I had lots of suitors and when he came I realized that he loves me and I believe that age isn’t on my side anymore I needed to settle down.

What’s his name?
Babatunde Ijaodola he’s from Epe.

We heard he’s based abroad how do you intend to cope with the distance? Or you intend to relocate as well?
He’s planning to relocate soon. He’s said he’s tired abroad that he needs to establish his business here. So he’s coming home soon.

He’s been abroad for how long?
For some years.

Don’t you think your marriage will affect your career?
It won’t affect me in any way because we’ve discussed this and he allows me to do anything I want. We spend most time together whenever he’s in town. When he’s back in the country. I hardly stay at home, I’m always in his house. So he’s used to it and he’s agreed to allow me except that I’ll reduce the number of locations I attend! Usually I move from one location to the other with my stuffs packed in the booth.

What if later in your marriage your in laws mount pressure on your husband for you to quit especially in the emergence of bad press. What will you do?
I won’t quit! Rather l’ll pet my husband and make him see reasons.

Let assume he maintain his stance?
I’ll find time to talk to him, because he knows that acting makes me happy. And one of the reasons he’s with me, is to make me happy.

Is there anything that will make you quit acting?

What is it?
Nothing for now but I can.

You must have a reason?
I might need to fall back on something else aside acting as a means of live hood like Sola Sobowale and host of others, they are not always around. I’m planning to start a line of business, if it becomes large I might need to step away order to concentrate more.

What can you do for love?
I can go extra mile but I’m not a stupid lover.

What can’t you do for love?
I don’t really known seriously!

Can you kill for love?
I can’t kill for love as long as it’s not going to be harmful. I can do anything for love.

How do you intend to balance your career as an actress a student and a wife to be?
I’m used to combining tasks. I’ve always been an actress and a student, so when I get married I’m aware of my responsibility of taking care of my husband.
I’ve been the one taking care of my siblings. I’m responsible for their up keep and school fees.

Do you have any regret in this career?
No! I’m so grateful to God.

Have you produced any movie?
Yes! LATORUNWA,  OKA was my second, IGBOROTIDARU was my third while BISI MASERANU is my 4th movie! I produced it last December 2011.

Are you planning any new one?
Yes, I am but I’m still taking my time because I have some things doing for now.

What’s your take on the perception that English earn more that Yoruba Actors?
I’m not aware of the English Actor’s fee but I believe such rumours emerged from those outside the industry I can only speak for myself, what I earn is good enough for me to be comfortable. If I’m not okay with a professional fee being offered to me, I turned down the job. So I’m not aware of any discrimination. I’m okay with what I collect we’re moving gradually, I’m sure the industry wasn’t like this of years ago.  The industry is progressing. I am appreciating as well as the entire Yoruba movie industry.

Do you intend to work with English movie industry?
If I’m invited and I’m okay with the script and fee why not.

Who are your role models in the industry?
Faithia Balogun, Bukky right and I love Genevieve Nnaji she is good. Yinka Quadri and Ogogo.

When is your wedding date?
Do you want to come? Yes!
We’ll let you know a month to that time.

Why did you decide to choose Babatunde out of all men?
I like my lover to be my friend. Babatunde is my friend, he’s very transparent. When he says “YES” It means “YES” and when he says “NO” he meant it. He’s easy going, good looking, calm he’s the bomb.

What does he do?
He’s a businessman!

Describe him in one word?
He’s fond of me.

ISLANDERS is sad and still mourning one of its rising star, we digging and talking to those who should know on what happened to Bisi in the last 3months of her life to reveal the truth Amidst rummours and counter Accusations going on.
Before Bisi was transferred to UCH, the Doctor that treated her and recommended her to go to UCH sent us this message
It was not just a miscarriage she had I treated her in my hospital few weeks before her demise where i counselled and referred her to UCH. She kept on receiving blood without bleeding and her PCV kept on going down. I learnt the pregnancy was terminated to save her life and in all she took about 40 units of blood withing 3 months. it was not negligence on the part of the Doctors who saw her but the nature of an ailment that kept drying up her blood without any active bleeding in her body.

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