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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

                         REALFATHER’S IDENTITY SAGA:

Last week, the Vice-Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Professor Yemi Osinbajo took the campaign to Yewa, Ogun State, where he interacted with people, in an attempt to reassure them of a brighter future when a new government is ushered in by May 2015.
Quite interestingly, some supporters of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, reacted to Osinbajo’s in a most bizarre way. They cooked up propaganda and lashed out at him and disseminated falsehood by tagging the man pictured in this squalid hut as Osinbajo’s father.
Apparently, in their estimation, it is a crime to be poor and it is an unpardonable sin for anyone in government to leave his parents in such a state of hopelessness.
However, Osinbajo decided to always set the record straight, in a seven-point facts, putting a final seal of truth to the volley of falsehood.
1. This picture was taken during our last campaign tour of Yewa, in Ogun state, last week…
2. He might not be my father, but he is a father. Like 110 million extremely poor Nigerians, this government failed him…
3. Yes, I’d love to “fix” the lot of this ‘poor’ father and many other ‘poor’ fathers. This, more than any, explains us.
4. We need to
#Change a government that has impoverished our people by grand corruption and misgovernance.

5. He isn’t my father, brother uncle or blood relative. But he is a Nigerian father. He deserves our respect. #Change
6. Whilst the old man is not biologically related to me, we are related because he is a Nigerian, and someone’s father.
7. By the way, my own father died on the 22nd of July, 1996. My mother, who is 82 years old, is alive and well in Lagos.

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