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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

I Used To Sweep The Cinemas In-Order To Watch Movies – Funky MallamMallam

  In Nigeria, the entertainment business is increasing on daily basis especially in the
comedy sector of the industry. Among those who put smiles on peoples face and crack their ribs with hilarious jokes is Saheed Muhammed otherwise known as Funky Mallam. In this interview with Islanders Magazine reporter, Qudus Adewale the actor cum comedian spoke extensively on his career and other personal things you’ll love to know about him.

Tell us your name?

My name is Saheed Funky Mallam and my real name is Saheed Muhammed; the stage name is Funky Mallam.  Am from the North but I was born in Auchi, Edo State I started my primary school in Agbon while my secondary school was in Jos and I hears my university education in Kano.   How long have you been acting? I started with Paradise Park, alongside Julius Agwu, Kunle Bamtefa in year 2000, but I came to Lagos in1999. Though I worked for three years when I finished secondary school, in Port Harcourt, I had interest in acting and when I came to Lagos I was able to get a role in Paradise Park.

What influenced you into acting?

I have developed interest in acting since I was a kid. I could remember when I was in Agbor, I would sneaked into cinemas and sometimes we have to rush to the cinema and sweep the cinemas so that they can allow us watch the movies because we could not afford the money for the ticket and they would give us free ticket to watch the Chinese movies and after schools sometimes we come together in our street to act a Chinese film. That we the how I started picking the interest in acting.

What are the challenges so far?

There is nothing that doesn’t have challenges as long it has to do with the living, so there are a lot of challenges that we face here and there, likewise the entertainment industry but we still thank God despite the challenges, the industry is still growing bigger because we are getting endorsement from Big companies which is making things easier for us.

Is Mr. Saheed Muhammed Married?

I was once married but I got divorced 2 years ago, and I had a son. It is a problem of incompatible; sometimes when you are not compatible and you rush into it, you end up having a problem.

How long did the marriage last?

The marriage lasted for 3years  Any plan for another marriage? I think am taking things a bit slowly and I have a lot of project in my hand, so many scripts and my own project too, so I don’t want to get confused and I don’t want to fall victim the way I had before.

Are you also a comedian?

Absolutely that is what I do most time and a lot of people knows me as a comedian, when you say funky mallam what goes into their minds is comedy and I started doing some glamour movies too.   Who were you married to before? She is a Fulani girl, I met her in Yola Adamawa, and initially there was a lot of pressure from my family to get married because my parent are late, my uncle and aunty giving were putting so much pressure on me. I was in Lagos then and I was doing my entertainment thing. So when I travelled on one occasion and I saw her and we started from there and six months after, we got married. Point of correction, I was not pushed into it, so no regret because I have a son.  

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