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Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Buhari's Amazing10 Working Days In Office

Buhari has set world record in 10days in office with his diplomatic shuttles focusing on Security and revamping the economy. By the count off his 10 days in office, PMB has been to Chad and Niger. He has been to Germany for G7 Summit, sent VP, Prof. Osinbajo to Sudan, hosted Chad Basin Commission Heads of States' Summit still on security, and now he's off to AU Summit in South Africa. Dealing with oil thieves and already recovered over $3b dollars within 10days. Getting the oil thieves to bring the diverted fuel and other products through the crude swap into the country which is why the fuel scarcity is no longer as bad as it was 3 weeks ago even with the refusal of marketers to import. DSS is investigating NNPC GMD and all the officials and suddenly we are told PH refinery will work by next month, July. He has got Salaries and Wages Commission to begin the process of downward review of salaries and allowances of executive, judicial and legislative officers, he has given directive to governors and Prisons' Service to work to decongest our Prisons- don't ask me if it's to pave way for new inmates. He has held briefing session with Permanent Secretaries. Currently, he is chairing the AU 25th Summit's Security Committee in South Africa.

Ummm...need we say more, after some people will open their mouth to say there's no change. Had we had the slightest of these during the 6 porous, wasted and looting jamboree years of the immediate past administration, this great nation would have been better by now?

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