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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Ugandan Dictator, Idi Amin’s ‘Favourite’ Widow, Sarah Kyolaba Dies Of Cancer In London

Sarah Kyolaba, a widow of the late Ugandan tyrant, Field Marshal Idi Amin, has died in London following a battle with cancer. Kyolaba, the last surviving wife of the former Ugandan leader before she died last week at London’s Royal Free Hospital, lived a life of obscurity running a hair salon for 30 years.
The 59-year-old arrived in Britain more than three decades ago, having followed her husband into exile in Saudi Arabia – and later worked at a salon in Tottenha
Mrs. Amin was once known as ‘Suicide Sarah’ because she was a go-go dancer for the Ugandan army’s Revolutionary Suicide Mechanised Regiment Band.
She married the dictator after he spotted her performing at the age of 19. The pair were later married in a lavish £2million ceremony in the country’s capital Kampala. She was said to be his ‘favourite wife’ and went by the title Lady Sarah Kyolaba Idi Amin.

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