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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Abuja Runs Girl Slept With A Politician And Found Worms In Her Private Part

A lady who confesses about how she s!ept with a Politician during the election period, now have worms in her pr!vate part.
She says:
” He took me for a night which he promise to give me 300k for a night stand without using cond’o ms which I agreed because I needed money to buy my handout, as a student you will understand what am saying…

I took the offer after when we were done I thought he will give my cheque but he pay with cash, 300k on my palm within a week I can’t remember what and what I buy with it, the cash just went off like a wind.

“After the money shock, I start noticing something strange within me, I am not seeing my period but am always on pain with blood all over me, so the pain keep increasing day by day after a week of pain I decided to go to a doctor for proper check up, so I call on a friend she took me to this hospital and the moment I open up my le’g s worms was all over the floor and within me eating me up…

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