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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Man Builds Shrine to Curse The Person Who Smashed His Windscreen (Photos)

An unusual shrine set up around a car has recently appeared in Kunming, south west China. Its owner, named as Wang, decided to create the shrine to curse the man who smashed his car window when police informed him they couldn’t find the man who committed the crime.

The man also lighted candles and incense and wrote a long curse, damning the offender’s entire family and future offspring.

After a month of investigations, the police were unable to find the culprit and Wang has given up any hope of justice. He is said to have performed a cursing ceremony involving candles, incense and the sacrifice of a chicken. The car has also been plastered with yellow paper money, which in Chinese culture is money for the gods of the underworld, as well as the lengthy curse.

Man acts while the heavens watch, I invite gods of the underworld to come and be my witness and carry my message.

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