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Tuesday, 2 February 2016


At the moment, the Late Ambassador Plenipotentiary Braimah Anthonio Deinde Fernandez, will not be happy, in his grave, at the Ixelles Cemetary, South of Brussels, Belgium. In just 6 months after his demise, those he left behind are in the news for the wrong reasons. It’s no more news that one of his daughter Abimbola, is presently making life miserable for his poor widow, Halima Maude over the vast estate,Fernandez left behind
We lookgather, that Halima who used good step mum to Abimbola, when her father was alive, has suddenly become her worst enemy. Throwing all cautions to the wind, Abimbola,on the social media, has been upsetting Kano born Princess, with all sorts of putrid accusations, and claims that her late father, never really marry Halima, amongst other unprintable things.A family source divulged that Abimbola, who a singer and model, had not particulary, been a good child. Despite bringing her up with sophistication and value, her character never exude nobility, only waywardness. Can you imagine that
Abimbola is a lesbian! . How is it heard that the heiress of one of Africa’s most enduring custodian of tradition, and customs, who got imperial titles like the Oluwo of Nigeria, the Ajinijini Ogun, the Garzan Fulani amongst others, has a daughter who is an habital homosexual.‘ Little wonder she never had a smooth relationship with her father while he was alive, she was a pain to him, to the extent her father had to curse, even on his death bed’, an insider squealed. UrbanLife was, informed that Abimbola, has a white partner,an ex-cop, called Nadia, who she intend marrying when she turns 30years .We hear she is never ashamed of the taboo. Infact she tell anybody, who cares to listen that only Nadia, makes her feel secure and happy .Abimbola and her sister,Atinuke are the products of the failed marriage between late Aduke and Deinde Fernandez, whom he severed ties with,in July 2003 following a famous £ 300m divorce suit in Scotland,where Fernandez,was
mandated, to pay her a lump sum of £ 5m and an allowance of £75,000 monthly for 3 years but the case was later dismissed by the court. Aduke died of cancer in 2013 , while Fernandez died on 1st September 2014,at age 86years.
Culled from urbanlife

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