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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

U.S.  Big Girl, Folake Thomas Speaks on Why She Moved Out of her 18-Month Marriage

Last week, story of United States of America (USA) big girl, Folake Thomas broke on how she was sent away from her marriage for infidelity by her husband, Alhaji Odeyale. It was reported that the marriage, which  was blessed with a baby girl, hit the rocks when Alhaji accused her of infidelity and Folake also noticed that Alhaji was no longer financially buoyant.

But we made a call to the beautiful mother of three in USA, where she opened up on the controversial issue.
How true that you were chased away from your marriage?
That is not true. I was never chased away from my marriage or by Alhaji.
Are you saying your marriage is intact?
No, I moved out of my marriage myself.
Can you tell us what happened?
Well, there is a lot but I will tell you the main issues. Alhaji is not a responsible neither good man. Ever since I got married to Alhaji it has always been one problem to the other because he’s always involved in one crime or the other. There was a period he created so much problem that my mother had to come down to America to resolve the issue. After so much endurance and patience with the aim that he was going to change but he refused to change. At a point when I couldn't move freely in Maryland without people pointing accusing fingers at me, I desired to move out of his home before it got out of hand or I died of apathetic (sic).
Are you saying you are the one who moved out of your marriage?
Yes, when I was fed up.

Was it because Alhaji was financially down?
No, even before now, we both carried responsibility because I am a hard working woman too. If I had to rely on Alhaji for all I do, I think by now I wouldn't be where I am now, because after leaving Alhaji’s home/apartment I got a better apartment.
After leaving his house has Alhaji not called you or come after you?
He tried some funny step but I have got a police order for him to stay away from me till the case is determined by a law court and I will be taking the step soon.

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