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Thursday, 18 February 2016


A gospel music promoter, critic and minister of God, Rev’d & Prophet Oladipupo Funmilade – Joel  has underscored that gospel music is the best, for,  the  spirit behind it, is divine, and the spirit helps God to express Himself to perform signs and wonders and also heals the souls and body.
Who is The President, The Way of Reconciliation Evangelistic Ministries (TWOREM) Int’l Lagos, Nigeria, popularly called Baba Sekunderin added that as a matter of prophesy, the whole world will come back to gospel music, for, God Almighty is the source of inspiration of the songs of praise to High Heavens, as praise is where God dwells.

According to the cleric, gospel singers are supposed to communicate good morals and God’s messages of peaceful co-existence and love for one another.
Baba Sekunderin further hinted that gospel music is the messages of the Lord Jesus Christ, being expressed musically through praise, worship, hymns, spiritual songs etc to impact the lives of the people the more, instead of committing people into immorality.

The cleric who condemned some gospel artistes, owing to socio-economic  hardships and the prevailing societal vices, like – corruption, craze of money, show offs etc have compromised their stance, advised them to live up to their callings and not to derail, for, they are equally ministers of God, who should practice what they preach and sing.
Funmilade – Joel also hinted that gospel music is a powerful tool for the much desired change in Nigeria and also very potent, as it has great impact in the lives of the people, for, there is a spirit behind every song.

According to the cleric, as the scripture says, gospel music is good news and anywhere it is being preached and sang, you find miracles, signs and wonders.
Funmilade-Joel who further stressed that gospel music makes you happier and lightens your burden, medically too, researchers said, it lifts depression and remove all negative attitudes with positivity, called on gospel artistes to cry onto God, to enable them write, sing songs that will bring healing, deliverance, hope and encouragement to the world.

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