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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

At Last!
P-square Moves To Share properties

Even after rumour has it that they have settled their feud, it seems it is just getting stronger as the duo have even contacted a lawyer who will help them share their property.

Their split had been initially demonstrated online because both of them went their different ways to do things alone. Peter ventured into Football Management and Dance talent show while Paul flaunted his own record label, Rudeboy records, and signed two young artistes on it.

Furthermore, Earlier this month, Peter released a single, ‘My eyes’ and didn’t feature Paul on it and it wasn’t with the name’ P-square’.

The singer dropped the single on YouTube, and contrary to their usual practice, did not feature his brother, Paul on it. He is presently promoting the single on his Instagram timeline; even as his legion of fans have been sending their feedback.

He has rebranded himself, his twitter handle has been changed with the addition of his new stage name, Mr. P and a source close to both brothers indicate that popular lawyer Festus Keyamo to help them fine-tune the legal framework for splitting their assets and liabilities.

The Okoye twins have always performed as a team, until the face-off between Peter and their elder brother and manager, Jude Okoye.

The twins have been having a long running battle with Jude over the management of their career. One of the complaints being that many of the upcoming  acts Jude refused to let them sign on to their label have turned into bigger stars.

Peter the more vocal of the twins last year hosted a whole season of a personal show “Dance with Peter” has openly declared that he would no longer work with Jude while his brother, Paul said family was family and Jude will remain.

That statement showed that there was a crack-and that crack may have become a big hole that is widening so fast that it would lead to the end of the famous Psquare.

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