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Monday, 7 March 2016

K1 De Ultimate Speaks On Unfulfillment At 59

In the hitherto local world of contemporary Fuji music, now taken to global height by the ultimate musician of this genre himself, cerebral Alhaji Chief Doctor Wasiu Ayinde Omogbolahan Anifowoshe, popularly fancied with many monikers and sobriquets likeCapo de Tuti, Marshal, K-1 de Ultimate, Talazo and many more, undisputable King of Fuji, Wasiu Ayinde Marshall a.k.a. K-1 De Ultimate, has remained on top of his game for over four decades, and can seem to be soft-pedaling, enviously etching a permanent stamp on the throne of Fuji music kingdom. The musical icon, whose songs have been hugely successful over the years, has the sole credit of having taken the genre to a new height that Fuji musicians all over are enjoying today. Though, the Fuji czar learnt under the tutelage of the late maestro, Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister,K1 has been able to take the brand of music beyond what any of the practitioners could ever imagine. K1, who also reveres the honour and rear single act of playing for President Muhammadu Buhari during his inauguration on May 29th 2015, which no Fuji musician has ever done. Recently, the quintessential Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State native but thorough Lagos-bred musician extraordinaire opened up to City Rovers’ Kunle Rasheed on many issues about his life outside music and some other subjects around his personality and upwardly mobile career. Enjoy excerpts of the exclusive interview.
What kind of person is K1 outside the music world?
Outside music, K1 is a normal person like any other. Outside music, K1 likes to work, I abhor laziness. Outside music, I love to relax and give myself a treat. I don’t mind what it costs to pamper myself. Many will see me and say I don’t look my age; that to me is a sign that I take care of myself. Outside music, I’m a very inquisitive person; I like to know many things around me and the world over. That makes me read a lot. I read different books that will enhance my knowledge.
What are the things you do to maintain the youthful looks like you said earlier?
I can climb the stairs ten times a day so it gets me fit. I don’t want to look over-age and you want to stay fit to suit your mode of dressing. That is what you see me doing because if people see you looking over weight they will think you are a goner, but I am just starting.
Will this youthful looks not attract more female fans to you?
At this stage, I think what is more important to me is far beyond that. Now, you will hardly find me on the streets if I don’t have anything doing on the streets. I want to be seen as a serious person. I will be in a position where people will come to seek for advice. I have had a fair share of it.
Aside your genre of music, what other songs do you like listening to?
I love listening to music; I mean music that makes sense, music that makes me feel I am listening to something good. What I do, what happens around me is music. Whatever I do is the reflection of music; I don’t listen to music that does not add any value or say any meaningful thing. It could be Hip hop, Apala, Juju, Gospel or anything that makes sense. It could also be R & B.
K1 has travelled far and wide, is there anywhere you’ve not been to that you wish to go soon?
I have not been to Hawaii, but I want to go there. I have been to Australia, so I am still looking forward to go to Hawaii.
What gives you kicks in life?
What kicks my mood is when I see good things happening around me. So, every time, I’m always on my feet, because I want to witness good things. I hate something dull or boring, something that doesn’t have any meaning or doesn’t have any impact.
Many people look up to you, who are the people you look up to?
Outside music, I’m a workaholic, I love people working, someone who is devoted to his work. People I look up to are people that have worked hard to make names; they are my kind of persons
Would you say you are fulfilled in life with all you’ve been able to achieve?
I give thanks to God Almighty who made it possible for K1 to be what he is today. Fulfillment is something that comes from the inside of you. You feel it and it radiates to the outside. I really do not want to live as much as the richest man in the world. I am still thinking of what to do with any little opportunity that comes my way. I don’t need the money of the whole world. I am a freestyle person, who loves to enjoy life; I can’t be caged, I can’t keep myself, not to talk of someone keeping me anywhere. The little I see and make, makes me f­­­­­­­­ree, okay, I am satisfied with it. I just travelled to about four countries on tour and I am going to another one, I have freedom. That for me is fulfillment.
Do you buy things because of the price tag on it to prove you are rich?
I have never been a price person. I don’t buy things because of price tag but because of its quality and fitness. I know what I want, I know the kind of wrist watches I want to wear, I know the kind of shoes I want to wear, I know the type of clothes I want to put on, if I see the one that wouldn’t fit me, I wouldn’t wear it, so far that I know what I want.
How do you like to sleep at night; do you like to sleep with light on or without?
Anyhow, I sleep anyhow, if I really want to enjoy my sleep, I would enjoy my sleep, I can sleep anyhow, who cares?
You are getting older by the day; K1 is inching towards 60, have you ever thought of life after K1?
I would not be the one that would answer that. Life after K1, let’s leave that aside. I don’t want to talk about that now; all I know is that I am enjoying myself right now. Life after K1 is not an issue now when I’m still alive and kicking, doing perfectly well what Almighty Allah has ordained me to do. It’s the people after me that should talk about that; so how would I know life after K1? As I am here right now, my mind is somewhere else; as I am talking to you right now, my mind is in the US and other places that I have engagements. So you can see I am still very far from talking about the life after me. As I have said earlier on, life after K1 is not an issue. It is an issue after me.
What does money mean to you?
Money!? (Sighs), money is good, but you don’t let money get into your head; of course, making money is good. I know sometimes, money can make people to steal. Also, money can destroy your plan. The truth is, don’t let money control you, be the driving boss of money and not the other way.
Having a lot of aides around you, do you get to do things on your own?
Yes, I do stuffs myself. Sometimes I would do things that many would feel I can’t do or should not be doing; like taking my car to the car wash for cleaning. Many would think because I’m famous, it won’t be safe to do things like that all alone, but because I like being free at times, I’ll do things myself. So you can see, I do stuffs on my own. Another thing I love doing is cooking; I am a very good cook, I love cooking and I enjoy cooking. I can cook more than some women (laughs).
Aside taking your vehicle to the car wash, what other things your retinue of aides allow you to do?
I think we should bear it in our minds that we brought nothing to this world and when we are leaving too, we are not going to take anything out of this world. Maybe you are lucky to be born to be served till you die, but have you ever thought of serving yourself, even if you can’t serve anybody. I have been a parker boy; I have once been a house boy somewhere. So, I know what it is. I started from the scratch; let me tell you, I wash my cars, I wash my under wears, I iron my clothes, even when people want to help me carry my bags; I keep telling them that they should allow me “do something too”.
How religious are you?
I’m religious, in fact very religious. I am religious to the extent that I know my God in and out, and I don’t joke with my quality time with the Almighty Allah.
Can you classify yourself as romantic?
Yes, I am a romantic person, give me five minutes to handle any situation of romance, the woman would never give in for another man (Laughs).
What could be that secret that has kept you at the top for many years?
It is not the power of man, it has been God all the way and the sanction of God. No man can beat his chest and say it has been his power; everything is by the grace of God. I am only enjoying the grace of God; I think I glorify God for that and will forever do.
Many have been to the top but lost the position, why do people get to the top and fall just like that?
I believe if you attain success, you shouldn’t take things too hard, just take it easy and know what you are doing. I keep saying something that we came with nothing to this world and we would go without anything. Being at the top is very good; just keep your ground tight.
imageIn the music and movie world who are your favourites?
I wouldn’t say I have a favourite, because believe me, Nigerians have really grown in the entertainment industry; see the likes of Olamide that has a very good and prominent career. Davido is also there, doing well. You know we have a lot of young men and women doing well in the industry; my daughter, Honey B is also there, we have Tiwa Savage, even in the movie world, we have lots of young people doing well. Funke Akindele is there, we have Femi Adebayo, and many of them that when you see them, you know that they have talents in both acting and music.
How do you feel when younger artistes in your genre abuse you in their songs?
Briefly, I think any one that does that now is not aware of the current trend and situation, because nobody should see me or make me as the basis of his or her existence. Well, everybody with his or her opinion; if anybody thinks that is the best thing to do, then so be it, but I wouldn’t be the one that would tell you, just do it, if it is good for you, then good luck, it’s all about common sense. You don’t need to make someone the subject of your existence, live your life, you would see that many good things would come out of you, rather than wasting your time.
To those who are doing it, what do you have to say to them?
Well, that era has gone.
Apart from music, what other profession is close to your heart?
If I have the same opportunity, it’s either I go into business, or I might choose to be a lawyer, because I believe in the rule of law. I believe in fighting a cause that’s worth fighting.

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