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Saturday, 11 June 2016

The Beginging Religion Crisis?

I learnt that CAN has directed the Christian school children to wear Christian garment such as white garment, choir robe, Boys and Girls Brigade uniform, to their various schools. I love that. I can't wait to see the drama as it unfolds. lolz.

Uniforms on uniform
Hijab on school unform
Boys Brigade shirt on school trouser
White garment on school uniform
Choir robe as overall

And the teacher will point and say: 'the one with hijab, answer the question'
'the one with Cele white garment, no you there with C&S white garment, answer the question' hahahaha! Yeye dey smell.

Wait, when did they start the agitation that Muslim school children should start wearing hijab? To what end? Maybe it was after that fake Sharia law saga championed by that paedophile and thief of Zamfara. Because, I am wondering why hijab wearing was not an issue in the past? Why were parents not concerned about their children wearing hijab to public schools in the past?

Now, in Osun, you will see school children everywhere with their hijabs and you will think that you are in Saudi Arabia. Wearing of hijab is not originally part of the Yoruba way of dressing. But the argument some have is that wearing of hijab is compulsory as dictated by Quoran. So it is religious, it is Islamic.  Maybe this present generation of Yoruba Muslim scholars have seen what their grandparents didn't see. Or want what their grandparents didn't want or never cared about. What is that? We will see.

I think the wearing of hijab on uniforms by school children will make the presence of Islam more obvious, it promotes Islam one way or the other. I appreciate the way Osun and Lagos State governments have tried their best in preventing the practice. The two governments know that it is enough we have accepted the Arab and Western religion, it will be more than enough accepting their mode of dressing. What else will we call our own.

I am against further Christianising and Islamising of any aspect of our lives because it add nothing positive to our lives.

I will be glad if CAN move is successful. And I strongly hope the Muslims Association in future will have something to stop further Christianization of our society.
Hijab is an Arabic Culture.....the first religion that their women put on hijab are even the Christians of Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, etc. I see nothing bad wearing Hijab in those region because its their culture. Wearing Hijab is never in any Nigerian culture. Nigeria as a country and her states has no right to say a particular group must put on Hijab. Pls where are Barretts....... I will advice Nigerians, both Muslim and Christian esp. in the south west to stop their movement towards extremism. We have been living together in peace for years.......no body wear hijab or christain cape..........we see ourself as one. These clothing will separate us and we wont like the outcome as we have in the Northern Nigeria.

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