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Saturday, 2 July 2016


Last week Thursday, June 30, 2016, businessman and Shafex Oil and Gas Boss, Alhaji Sharafadeen Oguntoyinbo popularly called Shafex hosted friends, family and well wishers from all walks of life to a prayer session for the official opening of Sherfex filling Station at Ilasa, Lagos State and corporate headquarter of his clearing agent business too. The new filling station, located after the pedestrian bridge in Ilasa Bus-Stop was commissioned by Chief Adewale Adeyanju who cut the tape at the opening, which marks the commencement of operations at the first class and standard filling station. At the opening, while chatting with Islanders International Magazine, the boss of Sherfex Oil and Gas, Sharafadeen Oguntoyinbo spoke on how he grew his company from a very humble start to the mega business it has become today.
He also revealed that works on the station were completed after several years of delay from different quarters. He said; “First and foremost, I will like to give all glory to the Almighty Allah, who gave me life and made me who I am today. Seeing a big dream become reality has always not been an easy task. And as expected, we had our own challenges while building my business, but I thank God for everything today”. “Sherfex Oil and Gas started years back. Prior to the establishment of Sherfex filling station, I had been in the Clearing and forwarding sector. And I give glory to God also that am doing so well there too despite the challenges and difficulties. I grew the business gradually to the point that I was privileged to build my first filling station here today. On the success of the project, Shafex, as Sharafadeen is called by people who are close to him said, “I am very grateful to a close friend, Akintayo (success), his beautiful wife, Alhaja Fatimoh and some other people for creating an enabling environment for the commencement of this project and its eventual success. Once again grateful to my friend, Akintayo popularly called success and Adewunmi Sharafa Abiodun that stood by me like a biological brother throughout this project. He made sure that there was no problem from any quarter.

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