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Friday, 12 October 2018

Between Oyedepo vs Kumuyi

There is this ridiculous comparison of Kumuyi's pastoral visit to Buhari  and the partisan involvement of Oyedepo in Atiku campaign train.

The two should not mean the same thing to anyone with a byte of functional brain.

The venerable Pastor Kumuyi was in Abuja on a pastoral mission. He was invited to preach in a program to commemorate Nigeria Independence Day and as courtesy demanded he paid respect to the president ahead of his scheduled preaching assignment.

There's was no single politician in his entourage, he did not come with aggrieved APC members to settle scores. He didn't discuss politics, he rather advised the president to remain focused. He thereafter prayed for the nation.

He was not seen holding Buhari"s hand and handed to a politician or prophesying that he would win a reelection.

Mr Oyedepo has always preached hates against Buhari, his religion, ethnicity and his party. He publicly opposed and preached against him. He is a very vocal hater of the president. He proudly wares his hatred like a badge of honor.

Rt Revd Kukah has always shown his petty disdain against Buhari, he publicly abused him and asked him to drop corruption charges against PDP members.

Mr Ahmad Gumi is an everyday but ludicrous critic of Buhari. He has always opposed him even for meaningless reasons.

These were the people who joined Atiku campaign train to visit Obasanjo for endorsement.

It would have been another thing if Atiku went to visit them. They could not have rejected him. In this case however,  they were the ones that followed Atiku around. Revd Kukah left his episcopal mission in Sokoto to play politics in Ogun; Gumi left his Ummah in Zaria to pursue haram and fitinah in Ogun.

They have a right to support whoever they want, they can even pause their clerical pretensions to pursue  politics, which is obviously uppermost in their minds, but we don't have to obfuscate issues with fallacious comparisons.

Please let's compare apple with apple and  not with orange.

My greatest JOY today is that it has been revealed that all the HATE against Hausa Fulani was a HOAX after all...I thank God I never fell for the SCAM, I thank God for giving me the strength to stand firm against all the odds of the FAKE hatred against Hausa, Fulani, Muslims etc.

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