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Friday, 26 October 2018

In the last 25 days, I have been forced to notice the campaign materials of the Lagos All Progressive Congress, APC, governorship candidate, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

I would have thought the rigorous campaigns won't begin until later in the year considering the attitude the opposition party towards the coming governorship elections.

What I have seen from the activities of the campaign office of Sanwo-Olu is nothing short of a man ready to go all out and win the elections irrespective of the belief that he has all the 'forces controlling Lagos' behind him.

For someone with the ears of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the highly revered APC National Leader, I would have expected the Sanwo-Olu's campaign team to go celebrating even before victory at the polls as it seems the ruling party has strong holds on the metropolitan city of Lagos.

However, reverse is the case! Sanwo-Olu and his team have been working tirelessly to seek and 'genuinely' get the peoples vote.

From his townhall meetings to the campaign ads - which are impossible to miss on Lagos roads and inner streets, it's obvious this man means business...

This takes me back to the opposition, People's Democratic Party, PDP's candidate, Jimi Agbaje!

I would have expected the opposition to take the advantage of the rancour in the inner caucus of the APC to launch a formidable campaign that will wow and woo voters to the party's side but what I see is nothing to show there is a 'substantial' opposition to wriggle power from APC in 2019!

There were neither fanfare nor media hype on the candidacy of Agbaje - maybe he is already weary even before the second trial or the party 'merely' presented him to avoid not having avoid candidate - and up on till now, the campaign materials I have laid my eyes on are attacks on Asiwaju Tinubu rather than focusing on the candidate, Sanwo-Olu.

In all, if APC floors PDP at the Lagos governorship polls in 2019, please be sure the man who began planning on how to get to the farm early, work on all his harvests in other to go hunting will return home early enough to still keep his wife and family warm before the night!

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