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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Peter Obi and His N250Million Osborne Towers Apartments

The Osborne Towers in Lagos where evil men pay Two hundred and Fifty Million of our stolen money annually is the issue of discussion today. Chief Peter Obi and a few others are the occupants of this evil apartment known as Osborne Towers.

Sure, at 20 Million Naira a month, Chief Peter Obi has three apartments in the towers!

Now here is the real information, each of the apartments has four bedrooms and two sitting rooms.

Why will Chief Peter Obi have three apartments at the Towers meaning he has twelve bedrooms and six sitting rooms? It is authoritative that the last rent of apartments 7A and 7B was paid by Peter Obi! The story of Osborne Towers will continue to explain the thrifty behind the saintly Peter Obi who wants us to believe that he carry his bag at the airport, books economy on air trips and and eats once a day so as not to spend so much money but pays rent of 60 Million a month on three apartments in Osborne Towers. He even want us to believe that he eat just one piece of kpomo in his soup for lunch! Biggest lies from the biggest lier of the century.

I am beginning to believe that Chief Peter Obi is not straight. If not, how can one be paying 250 Million a year for rent in a four bedroom apartment and still go about preaching saving culture. This to me is hypocrisy and idiocy joined together. Do Peter Obi thought that we all are fools? What the hell is wrong with Ngerian leaders. I am surprised that Peter Obi is not what he preaches. He is a stark opposite of who he wants us to believe he is. The gathering of the evil men at Osborne Towers has finally exposed Peter Obi and confirmed what people has been saying all along that he is the a human with the most complex characters. From what I have read about Peter Obi as a former Governor who lead the other Governors to court and obtained that judgement that forced Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to share our National savings, I am forced to believe that Chief Peter Obi is the most flexible mind ever to come out of the South East.

Allow me to borrow this line from Mr. Aghaduno that thoroughly describes Chief Peter Obi inter alia “The trouble with Peter Obi is that he thinks that he is cleverer than everyone else. He maintains a bland and colorless surface that conceals a grandiose interior. He talks with the voice of a woman in labor but carries a heart of stone. He maintains a well-cultivated religious outlook but his soul is the engine room of demons. The former governor of Anambra State reminds me of a luscious apple with a large maggot neatly embedded in its middle”. He is a contradictory person who will tell you a story in the morning and come out in the afternoon to tell the exact opposite of the story he told in the morning.

How can the world ever trust Peter Obi again? How do we believe him again each time he mounts a podium to display his craft of petty lies? Peter Obi should just disappear before he becomes an object of caricature. A friend once told me I want to do ‘Peter Obi’. I was bewildered but he laughed and told me that doing Peter Obi is just pretending to be who you are not.

Please the new generation should not do ‘Peter Obi’ as it is not in the character of the Igbos to pretend. Only God knows where Peter Obi picks his unusual unlike Igbo character.

Benson Nweke writes from Nnewi, Anambra state.

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