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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

RAI, and His Covenant for Iwo

For decades, Iwoland has suffered so much due to lack of proper and effective representation by those who have been representing our interest in both state and national government. Our hometown-Iwo Land have become a forgotten city in the eyes of the present administration not because we don’t have our people in government but because those who have been representing us are poorly representing us without the in-depth knowledge of the fundamental problems facing our community.

Iwo Land can only be great when we send a selfless and pragmatic man to the government to represent our interest. Such candidate must not be a regular politician. He must be someone who will put Iwo Land interest first, above his personal interest. That is We-Before-Me. A man that will understand properly, the legislative functions which are the utmost purposes why Iwo people give him their mandate, and will not betray their trust for the lust of office. Someone who will believe that the developmental agenda of his hometown is not solely on what he thinks but what his people want and demand.

A man that will see reason why it is necessary for a city like Iwo to have in her kitty, the below-listed developments, which are for the economic and political advancement of our community if well tailored:
‪👉🏽Accessible roads,‬
‪👉🏽Urban/city planning‬,
‪👉🏽Affordable Housing‬,
‪👉🏽Basic necessities like; water etc‬
‪👉🏽Rehabilitation of Youths involving in substance abuse,
‪👉🏽Skill acquisition for unemployed youths.

All these can be achieved and realized only when a prepared, fearless, and responsible mind like *ALH. RUFAI, ADENIYI ISMAIL* is sent for the job.

When the legislative member is wrongly put forward to represent us, the will of the people is in jeopardy. There may not be effective representation from other public official if someone that can put them on their toes isn’t in charge. We want RAI because he can do it. He has proven himself worthy of our supports beyond doubt.

Iwo Land deserves a man who believes that power is not a gift but a responsibility.

Let us put a round peg in the round hole by teeming up with RAI2019 SUPPORT GROUP to support, mobilize and vote one of us who understand our needs, and is ready to serve.

Many thanks to People's Democratic Party-PDP, Iwo Land for giving us a deserving candidate that will not disappoint us.



Media Team
RAI2019 Support Group

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