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Friday, 14 December 2018

★Read from the horse's mouth...

...from @officiallindaikeji:

 "Meet my son Jayce! And yes, Sholaye Jeremi is his dad. Unfortunately he and I are a completely closed chapter 😕. Lol. I wrote something about it on my blog. I hope it reaches those it was intended for. You can go over there and read! God bless." 

★And Caston-Dada, publisher of #Acada magazine reacted thus...

★We all yearn for a 'PERFECT LIFE', but it's NOT all our dreams that usually comes true.

★ Live your life the way it makes YOU happy and not the way it makes those around you or the people happy.

★The people that criticise you or talk about you behind your back also have people talking about them. That is LIFE.

#Me: She is yet to tell the #true #story. That aside, I am wondering what those girls and ladies who see her as a role model would be thinking?

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