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Saturday, 24 January 2015


 brother conducted this research . Here is the result:
• Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became President of Liberia at age 70 in 2006.
She was 75 in 2011. She will remain president till 2016, at age 80
• President Jacob Zuma of South Africa is 72 years old. He will be
president till 2019 at 77 years.
• Nelson Mandela, born in 1918, became President of South Africa in
1994 at the age of 76. Still president in 1998 when he stepped down
for Mbeki at the age of 80. If he had served two terms, he would have
been 84.
• President Peter Mutharika of Malawi was 74 when he was sworn in on
31 May, 2014. He will be president till 2019 at 79.
• President Alpha Conde of Guinea is now 76 years old. He was sworn-in
in December 2011when he was at 72.
• President Jose Eduardo Santos of Angola is 72. He will be president till 2020.
• President Abde Bourtefilka of Algeria is 77 years old, and will be
in office till 2020 and he will be 83 years old then.
• President Alasanne Quattara of Ivory Coast was 72 years in 2012, and
will be President till 2016.
• Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has been president since 1985. He won
another seven years-term in 2013 , and will be president till 2020
when he is 84.
• President Jose Mujiaga of Uruguay was 75 years old when elected. He
is 79 years now.
• President Tedoro Oblang Nguema Mbasogo, Equatorial Guinea, was born
on January 6, 1942. He is 72 years old and still going on.
• President Michael Sata, Zambia, is 77 years old. He became president
September 23, 2011 at 74, and will rule till 2016 when he will be 79.
• President Paul Biya of Cameroon is 81 years old. He will be in
office till 2017 at the age of 84 .
• President Milos Zeman of Chech Republic is 70 years old and will be
in office till 2018 when he is 74.
• Beji Caid Essebsi of Tunisia is 88 years old and he assumed office
in 2014 at 87 years old
• Ronald Reagan, born on February 06, 1911, became US President at 70,
and served two terms before retiring in 1989 at the age of 78.
• Abdul Halim of Malaysia is 87 years old. He assumed office in 2011 at age 84.
• Karolos Papoulias president of Greece is 85 years old. He assumed
office in 2005 at age 76.
• Anerood Jugnauth Prime Minister of Mauritius is 84 years old. He
assumed office in 2014 at age 83.
• Raul Castro of Cuba is 84 years old. He assumed office in 2008 at age 77.
• Artur Rasizade of Azerbaijan is 79 years old. He assumed office in
2003 at age 68.
• Mahmud Abbas of Palestine is 79 years old. He assumed office in 2005
at age 70.
• Shimon Peres of Isreal was 90 at the time his term ended in 2014.
• Eamon De Valera of Ireland was 90 years when his term ended in 1973.
• Joaquin Balague of Domican Republic was 89years old when his term
ended in 1996
• Giorgio Napolitano of Italy was 89 years old when he resigned from
government in 2015
• Luis Alberto Sánchez Prime Minister of Peru was 88years old when he
resigned his appointment in 1989.
• Girma Wolde-Giorgis of Ethiopia was 88 years old when his term ended in 2013.
• Sandro Pertini of Italy was 88 years old when his term ended in 1985.
• Obafemi Awolowo was 74 during his last attempt at presidency in 1983.
• Nnamdi Azikiwe was 79 when he contested for presidency in 1983.
In conclusion, I am not an apostle for recycling old politicians but I
am averse to people like Ayo Fayose pushing twisted and one-sided
history in our faces. I just want to show that all over the world
senior citizens get elected and most of them see their tenure through.
In fact a few of them die in office. Only Tôn Đức Thắng of Vietnam
died in office. You can research this fact. Ironically none of dead
presidents on Fayose’s statics in the Punch was up to 70 as at the
time of their death. This shows how confused this Ekiti governor is.
Please let us contribute to knowledge, the fact that some elements are
privileged to be in seat of power doesn’t mean we cannot engage
intelligently. People like Ayo Fayose should be told that the white
didn’t hide things in books for black people like us. Let the game
continue, we will serve them while it is hot. Please share until it

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