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Wednesday, 21 January 2015


The 15th edition of annual Ifa Olokun Festival, organized by
Ajigbotifa Temple Limited under the leadership of Chief Fakayode
Faluade Anikinnikun, the Olu-Omo Edu Agbaye and Olu-Ifa of Yoruba Land
but simply called Kayode Ajigbotifa, held on 14th December, 2014. And
the carnival-like event which took place at Local Government Primary
School 3, Via Access Bank Plc, Lagos/Abeokuta Expressway, Joju,
Sango-Ota, Ogun State, also witnessed the official launching of Ifa
Olokun Foundation as a humanitarian service providing arm of the Ifa
Olokun celebration. As usual, there was glitz and glamour which always
set the event apart from other event as celebrities from all walks of
life streamed in to support Kayode Ajigbotifa. Music was also provided
by the king of Fuji music, Wasiu Ayinde Marshal (K1), who has been
rocking the bandstand at the event for about four years running. And
for the first time in fifteen years, the event witnessed shocking
predictions which came out of Ifa Olokun Foundation’s consultation of
Ifa Oracle, few days after the celebration, about Nigeria in 2015.

Activities for the festival began from 11th till 16th of December 2014
with all sorts of traditional exercises like Individual Spiritual
Cleansing (Ori Bibo) for clients of Ajigbotifa Temple, Corporate
Social Responsibility (CSR) discharged by Ifa Olokun Foundation
members to Ijamido Children Home (Orphanage) in Ota, Free Medical Care
was given to the members of the community in form of vaccine and
drugs. The event showcased Traditional Rulers in southwest Nigeria and
some individuals received Recognition Awards for upholding the Yoruba
cultural heritage, during the celebration.

Ajigbotifa Temple Limited is an Ifa religious organization in Nigeria;
a registered company with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Abuja,
Nigeria. Specialize in Ifa Oracle consultation in restoring the joy of
mankind (Ifa Olokun Asorodayo) with motive of making mankind live a
fulfilled life, at the grand finale ceremony of the festival it was
announced that the registration of Ifa Olokun Foundation has been
granted by Corporate Affairs Commission. Basically, Ifa Olokun
Foundation is reportedly aimed at promoting the Yoruba cultural
heritage that is fast eroding due to widespread misconceptions about
Ifa and other Yoruba gods and goddesses. The foundation, according to
its stakeholders, will from time to time sponsor educative media
messages to correct all deeply rooted misconceptions about the Yoruba
pantheons, culture and tradition, as well as supporting the members of
the society with spiritual and healthcare services. These are few out
of the aims of Ifa Olokun Foundation.

Meanwhile, theme of Kayode Ajigbotifa’s 2014 message to the
congregation at the festival was centered on Eewo (Taboo) which he
spoke about as follows:

A.     Taboo by God for everybody in the universe:

1.Kama kala ejio-we must not steal

2. Kama fe Osun aloran – we must not engage in fraudulent act or covetousness

3. Kama mu omi tokitoki abe eruwon-we must not engage in blood shedding business

4. Kama pe eniyan si mogun orunto-we must not embrace injustice or
allow the innocent punished

5. Kama fi omode Ife soko je-we must not kill anyone intentionally

6. Kama gba opa lowo arugbo-we must not suffer or wicked the elders by
withdrawing their right

7. Kama so Ile-Ife dahoro-we must not wage war against our people,
town and our country

8. Kama ro igbo ogun loko-we must not change what GOD has created

9. Kama so igbo oro di igbo opa-

10. Kama se goloto ki Baba eni –we must not disrespect, abuse or stand
to greet our father

11. Kama se goloto ki Yeye eni- we must not disrespect, abuse or stand
to greet our mother

12. Kama si wo lu imi-we must not beat or wrestle with the elderly ones

13. Kama si wo lu ito-we must not beat our father

14. Kama si wo lu odi eyin-me must not beat our Boss, older sibling.

15. Kama fi soro pesuru/soro oesuru/Kafi ewe Iroko perusuru-we must
not hypocrite, backbite or betray someone you agreed to do a
particular thing.

16. E mon nise iya aye kamafe-we must not commit adultery or fornication

B. Family Taboo:

Traditional Religion is what our forefathers practice in the olden
days, there are different gods worship in each family with their own
taboo like Sango, Obatala, Ogun, Egungun, whoever that being attached
to these idols, for example if your family is forbidden not to eat or
do certain things and you ignore that thing, it will surely have a
negative effect on such person even the entire family members.

C. Personal Taboo:

This type of taboo is personal to individual which can be revealed
through Ifa consultation at childbirth, inner man revelation or when
one is initiated into Ifa Oracle.

Further details may be received through Ajigbotifa Temple Limited…Home
of Traditional solutions @ 2 Faluade Ajigbotifa Way, Powerline phase
11, Ota, Ogun State.website:www.ajigbotifatemple.com,info@ajigbotifatemple.com.Tel:08023361524,08033515176,08056745083.

Meanwhile, According to Kayode Ajigbotifa who spoke with this magazine
few days after the Ifa Olokun Festival on findings from special Ifa
Oracle consultation on the fortunes of Nigeria in 2015, the respected
Ifa Priest asserted that: “ Ifa Oracle has commanded that Nigerians
should stop using negative languages and thoughts about the country or
curse the country with their utterance directly or indirectly, so that
there would be progress for the country. That Nigerians should be very
prayerful either as Christians, Muslims or Traditionalists, against an
impending epidemic in the Nigeria in the next two years because it is
going to be very devastating for the country if it happens. And that
Nigerians should pray against sudden death of two prominent national
figures in the country in 2015. And ultimately, Nigerians should pray
for mercy of God over the country against evil forces that are bent on
destabilising the country in 2015.” He reveale

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