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Friday, 23 January 2015

REVEALED: Jonathan, PDP embark on election extension campaign, bribe TV stations, newspapers houses to support plan

Jonathan and the PDP have perfected plans to shift the February polls for another three months. The Monitors gathered from a reliable source that due to daily security reports received by President Jonathan that he will lose the forthcoming election woefully, the only option left is to shift the elections for three months in the first instance and for another three months in the second instance.

The security reports which are not favourable to Jonathan are daily getting worse for the President as the Buhari tsunami rages daily. With what is on ground now, it is clear that Jonathan will lose to Buhari with a wide margin! This is why the PDP hawks came up with series of plans to stop the election and push for an interim government.

The first of the plans is to hide under insurgency and the fact that Nigeria is at war to shift the elections. But INEC did not agree with this position as it told Nigerians about its readiness to conduct the elections. According to INEC, both sensitive and non - sensitive materials are ready. Also about 70% of voters have collected their PVCs.

The second plan is the DSS unwarranted invasion of the APC Data centre with the allegation that APC has hacked into INEC database but later told Nigerians that APC was trying to clone Permanent Voters Cards (PVC cards) without evidence to back up the accusation. The actual plan of the DSS which failed was to accuse APC of hacking into INEC database and that this had destroyed the database as a result of which elections shall be postponed. This option also failed as INEC did not complain that its database was hacked into by the APC or any other organisation!

The third option is to start aggressive campaign about the "Buhari's no certificate issue". The PDP started shouting on the rooftops that Buhari has no certificate but INEC did not agree with them. When the PDP would

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