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Tuesday, 4 August 2015


The aggrieved members of Islamic musician Association of Nigeria (ISMAN) that boycotted the Lagos state chapter’s election last Thursday have decided to go to have decided to go to court to seek justice.
There was confusion for some hours at Estate Nursery & Pry School, Isolo, Lagos leading to gun shots and pandemonium in the area when disagreement set in amongst members before the commencement of the election last Thursday.
Fight broke out when a court injunction came for the suspension of the election bordering on unresolved issues of fraud level against the incumbent governor that was seeking a re-election bid. The election witnessed two groups; while a group wanted it suspended the other said they must go on with the election and this led to commotion and policemen were brought in shooting sporadically.
The governorship position of the group was contested by Alhaji Abdul-Ganeey Abideen and Alaaji Abdul-Hakeem Abayomi while the Amira position that’s of female was keenly contested by Alaaja Modinat Asabi Baritide, daughter of the Late fuji Lord, Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister. Her rival on the position is Alhaja Aminat Babalola a.k.a Omotayebi.
According to a source at the venue of the election, he said, “A court injunction was brought in the morning of the election, their refusal to honour it and read it out to members was what angered Baritide’s group. This is what led to the pandemonium and in the cause, there were gun shots and the aggrieved ones boycotted the election.
“Though the election went on without them being there but its authenticity could be challenged in court because there was a court injunction that it should be suspended. If the aggrieved party wanted it cancelled they could as well take the matter to court and those that ignore the court order could be charge for contempt.
In her reaction, Modinat Baritide said, “To me it was something I couldn’t even fathom, why do we need policemen during ISMAN election. Kayode Sadiq and his cronies invited them because they had an ulterior motive and this they brought to the fore when they were set to send us out of the election. Police were shooting sporadically, one even came to me and put his gun on my body like a common thief and asked me out of the venue. I had to leave, because I did not want to be shot!
“What they told us is whoever wants to contest should pay into the association’s account with his or her name on the teller. All contestants did except the incumbent governor that was seeking re-election. On his teller; Committee of friends was boldly written and we asked him why not his name, why committee of friends? This was our demand and the argument began. Abideen has ruled us for 7 years in Lagos, this man has nothing to show for his tenure except the bus that’s worth seven hundred thousand naira and this man claimed he bought it for one million six hundred thousand naira. He has been defrauding the association. He doesn’t carry anybody along in steering the ship of the association. This and many more were questions we raised and this made some concerned group in the association sought for injunction from the court that the election must be put aside while we resolve the lingering issue, but unfortunately those organizing the election chaired by Wasiu Sadiq disregarded it and continue with the sham called election. We had to pull out, because we cannot be part of a hopeless future. With Abideen as the governor and Wasiu Sadiq giving him the backing for another 4 years term will not give any meaningful achievement to the association. That is why we quit!
“We were asked not to campaign again, they said all campaign must end by 23rd of July, this offence was committed by both parties, our group and theirs, both of us were fined on this, we paid but they refused. This caused rancor for a while and when this was going on a letter was brought from the court and they refused to read it on the floor of the house, our group demanded it must be read but they refused and in the course Wasiu Sadiq ordered his policemen that he brought to the venue to shoot. We had to leave to avoid untimely death.
“The other group put up different threats ranging from the use of charms, hooligans and lots more. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Kayode Sadiq in his utterance saying we should go after all NASFAT once split and Quareeb emerged from it. He said we were of no value to the association that we should quit. Why would any leader encourage break-up in his organization?
Another member, Rasheedat Akorede a.k.a Amowy said “The disparity among our members is being caused by leaders that are not straight forward. They worship money. Today as I speak with you, I remember Late Waheed Ariyo of blessed memory. He was a good leader. His death really created this, had it been he’s alive, what we went through today could have been averted. The likes of Kayode Sadiq that are at the helm of affairs now are so concern about what they could get into their pocket. There’s a politician that is not helping matters here, he is using his money and influence to put clog on the wheel of progress in our association. Today, we have pull out of the association because those at the helm of affairs refused to address what needed to be addressed.
“Imagine, they were sharing N10,000 each to voters. This is not a public election and it is against the rule of the association. Whatever we are doing we believe we are doing it for God, for Islam, why induce people with money?
My name is Wabilahi Taofik, I represent Somolu zone in Lagos, a policeman threatened to shoot me just because we demanded for a free and fair election. The disarray we are experiencing today is caused by bad leadership and this is being led by Wasiu Sadiq.”
The contestant for the Lagos governor seat of ISMAN, Abdul-Hakeem Abayomi in his reaction condemned the use of police at the election ground. He said, “They knew too well what they would do that’s why they engage police to clamp down on us for our voice not to be heard. When we insisted the court order must be read we were marched out of the place with gun on our back like a common criminal. Is that fair, is this democracy? This is not the first time ISMAN would split, same thing happened during the election between Ayeloyun and Damilola. Some people left and they are doing great today. “This is the 7th year Abdul-Ganeey Abideen has been ruling us and what can he point at as his achievement. He’s the only signatory to the association account, though there are other executive members but they are passive, this and many more were things we asked the association to look into before the election and they declined, and when we tried to protest they asked their policemen to start shooting.”
“At a point our advisers, Alhaji Bisiriyu and Alhaji Akapo advised us to apply the method of Suura, this involves a sharing formula between the groups. He said their group should provide the governor while we produce the Amira. I have decided to let go of my ambition and allow Baritide who is in my group go for the Amira, but Kayode Sadiq our national President opposed vehemently to the proposed idea. Meanwhile we have gotten a report that they already had the result of the election that hasn’t been conducted. So when the issue of sharing formula was raised they opposed it because they already have their plan.
“I was addressing the voters when the court injunction came, I called the house to order and advised that the letter should be read to the house but I was shouted down by their group. My group insisted it must be read and they invited their policemen in and we were driven out of the place.”
One of the contestant from the other group Alhaja Aminat Babalola a.k.a Omotayebi in her word condemned the noise making wave that a politician gave her money to induce voters. She said, “No politician is involved in our election. What they peddled is lies. Meanwhile where will I get such money to share to over 400 delegates over what? One of the adviser, Alhaji Bisiriyu did ask us to go on a sharing formula, he said the governor should come from one group while the other group should produce the Amira but the delegates present said no, they wanted election. All the noise they are making about Wasiu Sadiq are lies, he never said that, it was the delegates that opposed the sharing formula they said it was election or nothing. On the court injunction, we have started the manifestoes before its arrival Alhaji Kayode Sadiq accepted the letter and put it on the table. It was during the speech of the other contestant from the other group, Abdul-Hakeem Abayomi that he insisted the letter must be read to delegates and some people told him it was not his call that he should continue with his speech. That’s how the pandemonium started. They threatened to boycott the election and they left. Later the election held and all delegates present voted. Those that staged a walk out were even voted for. Alhaji Abdul-Ganeey Abideen won with 94 votes beating Abayomi to 6 votes. I beat Baritide with 94 votes she had 8 votes.
The aggrieved member has vowed to take the case to court to nullify the election and also to pray in court to charge the executive members that went on with the election with court contempt.

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