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Friday, 8 July 2016


This is Sen Nenadi Usman, she was remanded in prison
alongside FFK yesterday.
Now, who is Nenadi Usman?
She is the wife to emir of jere in Kaduna state
Alh Sa'ad Usman is a long time close friend of President
BUHARI, but the wailing wailers, politically displaced persons
and the association of hateful persons are yet to respond so as
not to expose their hypocrisy.
They claim PMB is only targeting and prosecuting his political
enemies but the last time I checked, Alh. Sa'ad Usman is still a
very close friend to the president, an APC member and yet his
wife is in prison.
Another thing to note is that I'm yet to see an Hausa person or
her kinsmen or tribesmen attacking the president or EFCC for
doing their job and detaining Sen. Nenadi Usman on corrupt
If she was from the other tribe, I'm sure her news will be viral
and all the tribal and religious bigots would be plying their trade
on the social space.
Certainly, the northerners are more politically matured. Quote
me anywhere.
Let me say this for the records, to PMB impunity is impunity and
it does not matter whose ox is gored.
Your tribal or religious affiliation or even your closeness to the
president does not change a thing!
The law must take its path.
~Lawrence Ibe

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