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Friday, 15 July 2016

Nigerian burnt alive in Togo after being wrongfully accused of robbery By Girlfriend

A Nigerian from the eastern part of Nigeria who was based in Togo was burnt alive after his girlfriend- a Togolese wrongfully accused him of robbery

It all started when his supposed Togolese girlfriend told him she was pregnant and he was responsible for the pregnancy.
This news according to sources impressed him and to express his joy he bought  a scooter for the lady.

Few weeks later the lady came to him saying he wasn't responsible for the pregnancy that it was for someone else.The guy later asked her to return the scooter since according to her, the baby wasn't his.the lady refused so the man decided to take the scooter forcefully as he made his out with the scooter, the lady started shouting,calling him a thief.This attracted the attention of people around and then was caught and burnt to death.

Unconfirm, this incident is said to have sparked reactions in Surulere Lagos and Togolese residents in the area are said to be moving out en masse.

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