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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Paddy Adenuga’s Leopard

A camouflage can only last for a while, but not for eternity.

When Paddy Adenuga launched his rebranding campaign and sold the story of how he almost bought Chevron Netherlands, there were those who pondered on the timing.

The fact that the lad followed up by releasing pictures of himself with top Nigerian businessmen soon confirmed it was a perception management package.

However, like all built campaigns, the reality always surfaces at last.

Known for his extreme social lifestyle, the younger Adenuga was able to sell the picture of how he had grown up with his perception campaign.

However, he recently confirmed the saying that a Leopard never changes its spot when he drooled on social media about the kind of treat he could give a girl for the right expression. Indeed, the real Adenuga is still lurking around somewhere.

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