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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Nollywood Actress, Lizzy Anjorin Promise To Campaign Against President Buhari And Saraki

It cost two of you nothing to enforce a harsh law that will stop these killings.😭😭 If you don't impose this now, I will publicly campaigned against, you Sir @muhammadubuhari @bukolasaraki I have a child and planned to have more. Its an ABOMINATION for a mother to witness this taboo (beheading a child and harvesting their organs for rituals). (Defile minors, raping and  killing people for no reason). Don't take them to court please...infact set up another force to handle this, like the EFCC was set up....government should  start executing them in a public place with immediate effect. These people continued to kill innocent children because they were taken to court and as well buy their way out it. All this shit happening to this poor people, can anybody do this to the child/ren of a prominent personalities or celebrities and they will not level the place within one second and flood the Social Media with pictures?. This is not about influence or shit. If some countries can kill for drug trafficking, why can't we impose this to save the lives of our people/child/ren? Where they will dig big fish hook into their spinal cord and drag the hook with crane up like 10,000feet or let a truck smash them from their toes to their empty skull full of greed and evil. Let them die a painful death. Let the government have a place where they will write their names with their blood for future records. Let government use their skull to decorate that certain area. It's awful, deadly, heartbreaking and pure evil cutting off your fellow human heads/organs. This boy/girl might be one of the future Presidents of Nigeria. Sebi una born una own? The pain of the masses no dey pinch una ni? This kids are someone's child/ren. A future husband/wife and a future father/mother. This is becoming rampant and the solution is kill the mother fuckers back with painful death.
We will never be a victim of this horror, Insha Allah. I wept bitterly. My condolence to the family of these victims. Please add your comments and tag them without insults.

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