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Sunday, 12 May 2019

Exposed! Many lies Of Oba Elegushi's Second wife, Hadiza

+Her Failed 2 marriages
…How Elegushi fell into Hadiza’s web

IT is no long news that the Lagos super rich, astonishingly handsome monarch, and unarguably one of the youngest royal fathers in Nigeria, who reigns over the richly-endowed Ikateland, picked wife number two from far way Kano State.

The new wife and now substantive Olori, is delectably stunning Hadiza Tanko, who is the younger sister of SalihuTanko Yakasai, the Special Adviser to the Kano State Governor, Alhaji Dr. Umaru Abdullahi Ganduje.

Hadiza, the light-skinned and chubby-cheeked lady, who is in her mid-30s, is said to be a Business Development Manager with an Oil and Gas firm; but for those who don’t know her real story, Hadiza is a regular caller at an executive upscale hangout in Abuja, purportedly known as Summerset restaurant, Ghana Street, Abuja, where the who-is-who in the corridors of power and the corporate world top players frequent; but interestingly, she has never worked anywhere before, let alone an Oil and Gas company, which many are now being made to swallow about her cognate experience, apparently due to her constant mingling with these top shots over the years, leaving the obviously wrong impression that she too must be well-rooted in one blue-chip industry.

Beneath all these her past escapades, Hadiza is believed to be a babe-about-town, who is very conversant and well-connected with the super rich and bourgeois class, and in this her exploitative trade, she was able to establish a wide contact and network which she uses to con many influential men who have sheepishly fallen prey to her antics, given the gullible ones the impression that she is actually a well-entrenched business and corporate big babe. But alas, she is the exact opposite of this because she has never at any time, for that matter, been employed by any company at any cadre for that matter, let alone being a business manager with one phantom oil and gas firm as it is being claimed now.

Her nexus with Oba Saheed Elegushi could not have been unconnected with one Lagos Big Boy, who is a prominent player in the travels and tours sector, and was once at the helm of affairs in this portfolio in Lagos state, where he reigned as a Lord of the Manor, being a disciple of the Emperor at Bourdillon, just like Oba Saheed Elegushi, before he became a king. It was this Lagos big boy that brought Hadiza to Lagos sometime back on a jolly spree, where she was lodged in an axis around the corridors of the posh Eko Hotels and Suites, Villa Picasso, to be precise, as their tryst, and pronto her meeting with Elegushi came naturally at the behest of the fun-loving Lagos Big Boy, who is a bosom pal of the youthful and equally fun-loving king.

Unconsciously or consciously, cupid took over the Elegushi in the course of knowing Hadiza as a richly-endowed babe with wide business connection network in Abuja and the Northern region entirely. That was how their steamy affair began and ultimately ended in matrimony few weeks back, much to the amazement and surprise of many who were visibly caught unawares of surprise marriage that held in far way Kano, the homestead of the new bride. That was as far as the marriage went until new and shocking facts began to emerge about the astounding marriage that has left many wondering why the Elegushi would go far North to pick a second wife for whatever reasons, since there are mor than enough damsels and even younger than Hadiza within his and even in his South West geographical region.

Lo and behold, since the marriage of Elegushi and Hadiza came into the public domain weeks back, many top players in the corridors of power and business circuits, who know so much about Hadiza’s opportunistic antecedents in Abuja as a fake and unrepentant extortionist, have mockingly turned the unsuspecting and gullible Elegushi to a laughing stock, saying he has simply allowed himself to be swooned by the antics of the smooth operating Hadiza. As the story goes, now that Hadiza has gotten what he wants, she can now call the shots with her status as an Olori of a first class Oba in Lagos state.

Another flattering issue in the now disgusting marital union of Elegushi and Hadiza, is that the overtly ambitious Hadiza has been allegedly in and out of two marriages before this one with Elegushi, making it the third one in a row, although it is not known whether the previous two marriages produced any issue.

In a similar but readily not related development, those who have been bandying the story that there is a political undertone in the marriage, have started rubbishing the notion, especially as it was touted that the APC National Chieftain, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu vis-a-viz his touted 2023 presidential ambition was actually the big masquerade behind the marriage. They say this is far from the truth and a story from the pit of hell, because Hadiza’s father is known everywhere to be a strong anti-Buhari force in the North and Tinubu, a political strategist of no mean status, will never have anything to do with someone of that background, who is a confirmed Buhari enemy of the highest order. Elegushi may be a godson of Tinubu, but the Jagaban can never fall cheap for such arrangement to gain an in-road into the North, through an avowed Buhari enemy, and that is even if he has any such ambition in 2023. It will be tantamount to a political Harakiri for the Jagaban, whose political math and calculation have always been unassailable.

Away from the intrigues emanating from the sudden and hastily arranged marriage of Elegushi and Hadiza, there needs to have an insight into the initial marriage of the youthful king. The first wife of Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi, Kusenla III, is none other than the super stylish and gorgeous Olori Sekinat Aramide Elegushi (nee Ipaye,) who is his first wife ever of many years standing now, and between them, they both have three very gorgeous and extremely smart daughters.

With Hadiza joining the young Kabiyesi’s growing harem now, it means that there would be two substantive Oloris in the palace, and that is if there will not be more to come after Hadiza, given the fact that Obas are at liberty to marry as many wives as they so please, especially in the Yorubaland.

Many had speculated over the years, about whether the Elegushi would marry more than one wife, as tradition stipulates. But many also pooh-poohed the idea then, saying that the young king would never marry another wife, if only out of loyalty to his first love, Olori Sekinat Aramide, who he had met when they both were still undergraduates at the Lagos State University years back.

When they got married in 2003, making it 16 years, come May 24 this year, it was a big event then, with K1 de Ultimate and KSA on the bandstand. Now in 2019, with him now as arguably one of the wealthiest kings from the South West, his new marriage to Hadiza few days back, the event turned out as an off-the-hook thing.

Perhaps what is making the Elegushi’s new marriage to Hadiza, is the assumed standoffishness of Olori Aramide Sekinat, the first wife and widely-acclaimed wife of Oba Saheed Elegushi; but the reasons for this attitude are neither here nor there, because, ordinarily, an Olori, the first one for that matter is not supposed to be averse to having another Olori as her lieutenant in the palace, even when are more to come, as long as the king wishes.

This is a puzzle that will take a long time to unravel because Olori has not shown any resentment in whatever manner to the new development, especially with her indifference to the action of her darling husband of many years. After all, if her husband had wanted to take another wife after her, 16 years were too long a time for him to do so.
So why now 16 years after what is believed to be a blissful matrimony in the palace, as opposed to what obtains in other traditional royal climes in Yorubaland? People are asking, and this is where the whole matter appears knotty, and it will take ayes before the real reason for this unusualness of another marriage by Elegushi is unraveled.

As it stands now, there are two Oloris in the palace of Ikateland, despite the dangling question marks on the propriety or impropriety of the new Olori, who comes from the Northern stock, and may well be the apple of the eye of the fun-loving Oba Saheed Elegushi. It is only time that will tell where the pendulum will swing when the chips are down.
Culled from Nairaland

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