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Wednesday, 1 May 2019

May Day — International Worker’s Day

This day is also called Workers’ Day in many countries. While other countries name it ‘Labour Day’.

In many cities across the world, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators are on the streets participating in massive May Day events protesting the plight of workers and unemployment pledging many people in many countries and highlighting worker’s light. It is marked with marches and rallies in many countries across the globe. Here in Nigeria, it is a day used by labour Union leaders to ask for better conditions and salaries for workers. The leaders of labour in Nigeria as in other past years are asking for raised minimum wage for civil servants.

Bunmi Adedayo Foundation celebrates the National Workers Day by calling for support to solve the pertinent challenges in education. We believe Nigeria can be better and its professional teaching deficiencies can be fixed. But first a few things need to be put in place; By setting and enforcing strict policies that will shape the structure of the Nigerian professional teaching system in favour of the Teachers.

Good infrastructural facilities must also be provided by the government so as to create a conducive environment for the children and also foster healthy professional relationships between the teachers.

Professional academic training should be seen not as a favor but as a factor to encourage the teachers and outstanding teachers should be rewarded based on their impact and not at the end of their service to the government.

When all these things are sufficiently put in place, choosing teaching as a profession will not be a simple escape route of failed career and frustration but instead it will be an honorable profession once again.

We successfully graduated from GlobalGiving Accelerator Progam and we made "Partner". What this means is we can now raise funds for any of our programs on the crowdfunding platform,but first help us raise more funds as we plan to retrain 750 public primary school teachers.

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