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Monday, 24 June 2019

Hartminders Campaign against Rape and Sexual Abuse (HAAROSA)

We like to introduce to you Heartminders campaign against rape and other sexual abuse (HAAROSA). This is an annual sensitization walk against Rape and sexual misconduct. We are aware that sexual abuse and rape touches all of our lives and a walk against it is the chance to say NO!

The main objectives of the project HAAROSA is to:

Raise awareness around issues of sexual violence.

To break the silence that encourages abusers and to sensitize the general public on existing laws.

Educate communities about the resources and helplines available in the aftermath of an assault.

Raise money to support our adopted rape crisis center.

To make visible what has historically been silenced and invisible.

er the years, women and girls have experienced various types of sexual violence in public spaces, most notably in public transport, bustops and garages, as reported by users.

For obvious reasons, women feel unsafe at major parks in Lagos.

In view of this, Heartminders Societal Advancement Initiative is taking gender-based violence sensitization to motor parks to ensure all bus drivers,  conductors, motor boys understand that they are indeed stakeholders in resolving the issues of sexual harassment and sexual assault in public transport spaces.

Date:  Wednesday 26th June, 2019

Time: 7:30am

Theme: Safe and friendly city for all: Bringing NURTW on board sexual violence advocacy.

Convergence point: Oshodi-Isolo Local Government Secretariat,  72, Oyetayo St, Mafoluku Oshodi, Lagos, Nigeria

Website: www.heartmindersinitiative.org

Thank you sir.

About us: Heartminders Societal Advancement Initiative

Heartminders Societal Advancement Initiative is 100% non-profit organization that operates and carries out all its projects with the help of passionate individuals/corporate bodies/organizations through their general donations, voluntary service. The Heartminders project was conceived with the aim of creating a better and healthier society which we set out to achieve by teaching sex education for free in Lagos schools, on the street, slums, sensitization, public speaking, campaigns to reduce the trending occurrence of not just unwanted pregnancy and defilement but also broken/abusive homes and relationships which has been on the increase at a geometric progression rate.

To achieve our aim, we work with psychologists, marriage counselors, medical practitioners, legal practitioners and the LAGOST STATE DOMESTIC SEXUAL VIOLENCE RESPONSE TEAM (DSVRT). We annually have 3 main projects all year round (HAAROSA,  PROJECT WISE UP, PROJECT TAALK) where we educate, provide reliable information proven to be effective in preventing HIV/AIDS infections, other STI’s and unwanted pregnancies to youths and young adults across the country through the power and reach of the electronic media (TV, Radio, internet and text messaging platforms).

Our social media platforms are (facebook, twitter, instagram): @heartmindersnig



We count on your media support us as we speak out against sexual violence and rape. Let's make our voices and stories known.

Silence is not Golden!

Funke Oguntuga

For Heartminders Societal Advancement Initiative

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