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Sunday, 1 December 2019

Who will unite erstwhile friends, Olu Okeowo and Bolu Akin-Olugbade??

If you need to understand the rudiments of true friendship, you need to understudy the friendship of the Asiwaju Onigbagbo of Irewon Ijebu-ode, Sir Olu Okeowo and his erstwhile friend, the Aare Ona Kankanfo of Owu Kingdom, Prince Bolu Akin-Olugbade, to have a deeper understanding of what friendship and brotherhood means. Well, this was before their once sweet and admirable friendship suddenly turned sour.

The one time close friends were the cynosure of all eyes at every society event they graced. Admirers and well wishers made reference to their friendship style. They practically did everything together. They attended shindigs in same attire, acquired same choice of costly automobiles, flew on same private jet and pay visits to each other at intervals. Alas, the story is now different, as they no longer see eye to eye. Their rope of friendship has been broken for over a year. Both have been on each other's jugular since then.

Tongues wagged, rumours took centre stage, questions abound on the real reason for the bad blood between the duo.
A source close to the one time besties revealed that the genesis of their feud can be linked to several issues, most of which can't be published. It's an issue that has piled up over the years just like a ticking time bomb, that suddenly exploded. "One of the reason for their split is age factor. It took time for Prince Bolu Olugbade, who is in his 60's to know, he is far older than Olu Okeowo, who is in his early 50's. When Bolu found out Olu's real age, as a Yoruba man, he felt Okeowo should accord him more respect. For Okeowo, a free spirited man, he felt age is just a number that must not define true friendship. Bolu was not down with that"

Another close source avered that their bad blood was further fuelled by envy and quest to outshine eachother. "They were always on the verge to outshine each other at everything they do. They acquire same Rolls Royce automobile to outshine each other. They built same houses at highbrow places with similar designs. When they attend public functions, there's stiff competition on who will spend more for the artistes singing their praises. All these played a pivotal role in their split".

Sources revealed to CITYSPY that, the billionaire businessmen have refused to sheath their swords and embrace each other like the exemplary friends they used to be, before allowing the devil come between them. "The feud between them might not be over soon. Their common friends and top billionaires have waded into the issue in a bid to resolve it amicably, but they refused to bury their past and move on. It will only take the grace of God to bring them back together".

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