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Sunday, 11 November 2012


For some years now much hasn’t been heard from America returnee and renowned actor, Goriola Hassan Islanders can authoritatively reveal that good news is coming from the abode of the multiple award winning actor and Movie Director as the actor recently completed a multi-millionaire hotel in Surulere, Lagos. Penultimate week, normal Business activities commenced at the well travelled actor’s club, bar and lodging. The hotel tagged house 78 is located in Masha and Luth road, its serves as a fun spot, Bar, Club and lodging Facility, to ease stress. Information, available to us hints that the fun spot is opened from 5pm everyday while the club runs every day. When we contacted the actor cum Business man on the story, he confirmed that it was true that he just set up a hospitality business in Surulere to expand his line of businesses and I thank God for his grace on the project. He added that there are lots to expect from him early next year from the stable of his Movie product outfit and business.

Meanwhile, he also owns a boutique called Nee-Hass at Surulere where most of the big boys and girls shop for their clothes.

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