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Monday, 4 February 2013



The recent reconciliation between popular Fuji starsKing Saheed Akorede popularly called Osupa and Muri Alabi known as Muri Thunder shocked Fuji fans particularly fans of both stars. The seven year rift was settled by Osupa’s godfathers, friends, Music Advertisement Association of Nigeria (MAAN)’spresident Mosebolatan Waheed and Muri Alfa. At the reconciliation meeting held in Osupa’s corporate office at Abina off Randle street, Surulere Lagos, started around 12 pm with Alhaji Waheeb Habideenpopularly called Ege, Wasiu Sodi (Tantala), Fawole Kamoru (Oracle Music), Isiaka (Easy Music), Alhaji Semiu (Solution Music), Mathew Giwa (Marvin Giwa Music), Idowu Kuku, Olumegbon Atiku, Issah Mojeed (Media pictures) to mentiona few in attendance. At the meeting Waheed Oyediran (MAAN President)known as Mosebolatan started the discussions by saying they brought Muri Thunder to come and settle with Osupa, at that point Osupa stood up and corrected Mosebolatan that he wasn’t fighting Muri and he can’t fight him because they are not in the same category. That he thought they brought Muri to come and beg or ask for forgiveness over his misconduct and rude behaviour to him. It was after the outburst that Mosebolatan admitted that they brought Muri here to ask for forgiveness and for both of them to express their feelings and grudges towards each other which they did. In lieu of that both of them were blamed for having wronged each other. Osupa stopped Muri when he was about to prostrate to him.

After the reconciliation in the office, refreshments were served. After refreshments had been served and eaten, Osupa and Muri went out of the office, while they were outside, Muri told Osupa that he’s the next in command to Osupa (Olufemo family) but Osupa intelligently replied him that today is not the day for that and urged Muri to go and settle with his friend, Otunba Kamoru Ishola known as Saridon2 because their reconciliation is also important. Osupa also advised Muri to think any situation through before interfering in fights between him and any other fuji artiste, he added that Muri should think of the side that will favour him more before interfering or better still he should remain neutral instead of making the mistake of pitching tent with the wrong party.He told Muri he was forgiven and he had put the incident behind him.

In view of that Muri Alfa who claimed to be the one who spearheadedthe truce and led Muri Thunder to Osupa’s office for reconciliation told some people that he told Muri to come and beg Osupa because he was the one who offended Osupa and he’s not someone you fight and defeat because he’s a special human being. He added that the reconciliation will also help him spiritually back-up. Meanwhile, this will be the third time the rift will be settledbetween them. The fight started in 2002, when Osupa returned from United States of America (USA) and he couldn’t find his completed untitled album which Muri was alleged to have stolen and named “Ajiwere.” He was alleged to have stolen the album with the help of Osupa’s lead vocal back up, Kokoro Taofeek, this led to a fight between them and they parted ways.

In late 2005, the rift was settled by some stakeholders and a live show packaged by Bayowa films at Etal Hall, Oregun Ikeja Lagos titled ‘No more war’ was staged,where Muri promised to be loyal again. In 2006, Bayowa staged another live show titled‘Legend and son’ where late Barrister named Osupa ‘Mr Music’ and Muri ‘Aremo.’ After the show, Muri took on Osupa again and claimed that he was the one that Barrister wanted to give the title ‘Mr Music’ but Osupa whispered to Barrister to hijack the title from him. With that statement Osupa took the ‘Mr Music’ title serious, this got to many Fuji artistes and it led to total crisis in the Fuji music industryuntil2008 when it was settled at Lagos Television (LTV) by the elders. But during the crisis, Muri joinedthe likes of Pasuma to fight Osupa over the ‘Mr Music’ title. During the crisis Muri who used to be one of the top Fuji acts, was not relevant or heard from because his fans who were also Osupa’s die- hard fans took sides and so stopped buying or listening to his releases.During this period, things were difficult for Muri and in the struggle for a comeback to limelight he featured top Hip-Hop act, Tuface in his last album early last year but things still remained the same for him.  Lastly, at the reconciliation in Osupa’s Surulere office, Muri Thunder said he has learnt his lesson.But many pray Muri will not misbehave again because this may be his last chance.

Islanders, believes time will tell.

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