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Monday, 11 August 2014

I Learnt A Lot Of Politics From My Father – Prince Akeem Adeniyi Adeyemi
Call him one of those that make things happen in the politics of Oyo State then, one will not be far from the truth. Prince Akeem Adeniyi Adeyemi is the Local Government chairman of Atiba in Oyo state and he’s doing exploits for his council people. In this exclusive interview with Islanders International magazine editor in chief, Ola Muhammed he shared with us the secret of his political achievements as well as other interesting things you’ll love to read about him.
How has it been running Atiba Local Government?
I’m Akeem Adeniyi Adeyemi, the chairman of Atiba Local Government. This is my second term here in Atiba Local Government and as it is often being said; experience is the best teacher. I have a mixture of experience under the PDP and now as a member of the new APC.
We have been providing service to the people of Atiba Local Government though it has not been easy.
How would you describe the journey of the second term?
 I think the people can describe me better. Imagine if one can be a chairman under PDP and still be the chairman under APC, there must be something that the person must have done to impress the people of the grassroots; they followed me from PDP down to APC. I think I impressed the rulers and elites of Atiba for them to have chosen me for second term. I have done my best and made an impact in the development of Atiba Local Government.
Can you just name some of your achievements?
My achievements as the Chairman of Atiba Local Government are numerous to mention, time might not permit us but I must tell you when we talk about Atiba Local Government, we must talk about road construction, poverty alleviation, agriculture, sports and many others. In terms of construction, you cannot construct a road that can’t stand the test of time, if you go to Atiba Road, I can tell you these are roads that can stand the test of time. We have also improved in the area of Agriculture, we built new schools and have provided good health centre for the people so that the people in the community can be encouraged. In the area of sports, we have the Atiba Football Club where we bring youths from the street and train them, who can tell maybe we can produce another Jay-Jay Okocha and Mikel Obi. We also empowered our women in order to alleviate poverty in our society. As I speak to you, over (50) fifty transformers have been purchased and (14) fourteen of them have been installed for the community to enjoy power supply. We also provide good water for them. This is happening in Atiba, Atiba Local Government is working I can tell you this.
There is an insinuation that your crossing over from PDP to APC is because your father is one of the rulers in this state and that they have issues?
You see, for anyone to aspire for a post and win, you must get the support of Alaafin of Oyo and the people of Oyo State as a whole, even if the governor wants to contest, he also will definitely need the support of Alaafin of Oyo. If Alaafin of Oyo supports APC during election and APC wins that means Alaafin is pleased with their governance. I worked for myself before I got to this post; I didn’t rely on my father because he is the Alaafin of Oyo. Even when I came back from America, I went to the people of Atiba and made my intentions known without my father’s knowledge. I became Atiba Local Government Chairman because of my efforts and good character not because my father is a ruler in this state.
How easy was it then, for you to cross over from PDP to APC despite the political crisis that was going on?
It was a decision I had to take at that time. When i made the decision then, my future was uncertain but came into being because I was determined. It’s not easy to abandon the government of the day but because we were determined, we said no to bad governance, we said no to Alao Akala and it is not because Alao Akala had been defeated, we decamped to APC. This is what we wanted and this is what we promised the people of this state.
How did your political journey start?
My political journey started since 1993, as a friend to M.K.O Abiola , I was involved during the June 12 election and after the election I became a lover of politics. You see representing my father in politics and moving from place to place with my father who was involving me in monarchy things also made me love politics. The palace is the vein behind my politics.
After your second term in office, should people be expecting you for 3rd term or what is your next political move?
You see, I’ve served the people and there is this adage that says ‘if you do well unto others, it must surely follow you’ any position you find yourself politically, you must be able to leave a legacy. If I get an opportunity to go higher than I am now in politics then am ready to go.
How would you describe the government of PDP then with the government of APC now?
Comparing the then PDP government with APC government now is just like comparing day and night. I was part of PDP government and in my own local government then, I was able to perform my duties well, though I was in PDP but I still performed my duties very well and that was why the present governor retained me because I performed my duties very well.
Can we say your good performance as Atiba Local Government Chairman is based on the fact that you are a prince and you don’t want your father’s name to be put to shame?
You are right, because I have a root, a name and pride which I can’t afford to ruin. I need to perform beautifully well because I’m not the only one that will carry the name, my children would carry it on, so therefore I need to maintain the name. I won’t let the Local Government Chairman post ruin that name and also I still want to go for a higher post, I must do my duties very well not because of today but for tomorrow.
How would you describe the state of the nation as 6 PDP Governors decamped to APC?
PDP has the largest political crowd in Africa but its draining, how many are they now, the party that call themselves the largest political party in Africa with minority members in the House of reps now is dooming. It is clear that House of representative members decamp from the party and Governors are now decamping from the party that is to tell you that PDP will fail in 2015 election.
Are you trying to say that there is a possibility for APC to take over the presidency in 2015 election?
It is clear, I don’t see what PDP will use to campaign in 2015, is it the Boko Haram issue that is affecting everybody, or is it the electricity supply that is not available at the Muritala Muhammed Airport, armed robbery happening at the airport and the planes that are crashing every time and the minister buying bullet proof car’s? Is it the C.B.N accusing the NNPC of not remitting money into the federal account, or is it the kidnapping? Tell me what PDP wants to use to campaign.
You have said something good about the Governor, yet the people of Oyo State don’t believe in voting in the same person twice; what’s your take on this?
You can’t compare the present governor with Ladoja or Akala’s. During Ladoja’s tenure, there were crisis everywhere, impeachment here and there; civil killings everywhere. Akala’s regime was also similar. Ajimobi’s tenure is different, even in the house where a woman is the speaker; nobody has slapped anybody in the house. We cannot afford to go back to the era where there was killing in the garage, the era Tokyo Eleweomo, we are moving forward, definitely Ajimobi will start the second term agenda in Oyo State.
Can you describe your kind of person?
I’m the type that love people and believe that whatever you do to people today will be done to you tomorrow. I’m a kind of person who would like to be remembered for good governance.
How did you manage things between your political assignment and family without them interfering with each other?
All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Work, all play and no work can also make you a skill less person too. I take time out to spend with my family and friends during holidays but I’m always home with people in my local government and state government.
What is your advice to people of Atiba Local Government and State Government?
My advice is that, we should thank God for the present government in Oyo State. They should not allow themselves to be drawn back, and always show love and support to the local government chairman.

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