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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Revealed! Why Bukola Saraki deserve to be SENATE PRESIDENT:

....As for the Senate leadership, we’d need to ensure we don’t let it go to just anyone. There is a reason Saraki has the support of most young people on social media; he has been involved with several issues these young people took to heart. The remediation of Bagega in Zamfara State happened because he put his influence to great use even as online citizens pushed the #SaveBagega hashtag as attention got called to the issue. He it was who first raised the fuel subsidy scam issue on the floor of the Senate. This eventually became the reason for the #OccupyNigeria protest. The kerosene subsidy revelations and his work in the Senate Committee on Environment stand him out. More than all these, he is accessible and he has agreed on social media at least that he’d help work at reducing the budget of the National Assembly. We want a Senate President we can tweet at. Other contenders for this office need to up their social media game.

The personalities of the National Assembly leadership will not matter if the same corrupt practices continue; the whole arm- twisting pre-budget hearing that eventually affects the size of the budget, has to stop. If the APC’s National Assembly does not offer a clear difference from the PDP’s current National Assembly, Nigerians will reward the APC the way they rewarded the PDP this year. It will not be enough for the Executive to succeed; we need a virile, responsive and responsible National Assembly. We cannot be running a jobless economy with over 100 million poor people yet expend huge national resources on the allowances of already privileged but under-worked lawmakers...

Written by omojuwa

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