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Monday, 30 November 2015

LORD!!: G’ay Gospel singer threatens to kill himself, says he is tired of unfulfilled promises and broken heart

A Kenyan gay gospel musician George Barasa popularly known as Joji Baro took to his Facebook page on November 26, to disclose his intention to commit suicide.“I ‘m going to kill myself and this time round I will make sure i die. Tired of
false hope. Tired of unfulfilled promises. Tired of broken heart. I ‘m tired of messing up and being fuc*k ed up all the time. I don’t want no more.” he wrote.

Later, Baro who once reportedly complained of being threatened by unknown people, updated his status again, writing:
“I have never been this heartbroken. I don’t want to commit a murder. I don’t want to kill myself. I hate this feeling. My heart is aching right now”

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