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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Cultists Take Over Ajah Town
....One Killed
+Residents flee the town

As at the time of filing this report,the people of Ajah town arent sleeping with their two eyes closed. Residents says a male gang in their 30s terrorize the town anytime from 8pm. This we gathered has been on for three months,there's been no peace in the town as rival cult groups-Black Axe(Aye) and Black Bird(Eye) are unleashing  terror on themselves and stealing and damaging people's properties. It was gathered that the cultist usually come out in groups anytime from 8pm looking for opposition/faction frat members to maim or kill and at that time anybody they meet on their way they obtain or  rob them of their belongings while they also break into shops and pack their goods.
In fact, it was gathered that 6am is not safe for any one to go about their daily work because they might fall a victim. Residents dosent move before 7am to avoid being robbed hence they get caught in traffic and get to work late. Also, it was alleged that a Lag-Bus full of passengers was robbed at Ilaje Bus-Stop of Ajah.  last Monday morning,17th of January a guy by name Adisa was killed at Ilaje Bus-Stop by unidentified cultists. Meanwhile, it was alleged that the nearest police Station,Ajiwe were not helping matters as the policemen always come after the cultists had left and they keep arresting innocent citizen and demanding huge amount of money for bail.
The people of Ajah are calling on the Inspector general of Police,Assistant Inspector General of Police,Lagos State police Commissioner and Lagos state government to come to their aide because of the cultists as it  concerns safety of lives and day to day business/work while some are packing out of the town.

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