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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

For the attention of Governor Ayodele Fayose

Following are excerpts from a NewYork Times article written in 2007

Three years ago, Aisha Buhari, a middle-aged Nigerian woman, stood at a perfume counter inside a Washington pharmacy and, according to an African immigrant named Joshua Assiba who said he was also there, bought thousands of dollars of merchandise.
Mr. Ribadu said he is uncertain if her name is Aisha Buhari, but he added that she is not a daughter of General Buhari.
“I don’t have any relationship with that Aisha Buhari,” Mr. Buhari said. “I don’t have any daughter called Aisha Buhari living outside this country. She is not my daughter.”
As the pair struck up a conversation and subsequently became friends, Mr. Assiba, then a security guard, said she told him that her father was the former military ruler of Nigeria, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, and that her American friends included politicians like Mr. Jefferson of Louisiana.
Mr. Ribadu’s agency has asked American authorities to arrest Ms. Buhari. That has not happened, but the Justice Department has an interest in her. Last summer, she testified before a grand jury investigating Mr. Jefferson, the congressman, who is suspected of soliciting bribes from American companies seeking business in Nigeria.
On a recent day, Ms. Buhari stepped out of her town house in suburban Washington, wearing a long blue patterned dress and a head scarf decorated with strands of colorful threads. She declined to speak with a reporter seeking an interview.
“You have no business here,” she said. “I’ll call the authorities.”
From the above any discerning mind will deduce the following facts:
a) The identity of the said Aisha Buhari is clearly established (see photo), hence could not have been PMB's wife.
b)That the Aisha Buhari mentioned claims to be PMB's daughter not wife as people like Fayose like to claim.
c) PMB' s daughter named Aisha couldn't have been middle aged at the time of the case.
d) PMB denied having any daughter named Aisha living outside the country during the period.
e) The Aisha Buhari mentioned is a fraudster using PMB's name to defraud unsuspecting members of the public.
f) From all indications the Aisha Buhari appears to be a resident of Washington DC and not a visitor to the United States.
g) Whether wife or daughter is there any member of PMB's family by whatever name called who has appeared before a grand jury in the US? The answer is No.
h) Therefore, it is apt to conclude that the Aisha Buhari mentioned in Haliburton Case could not be PMB's wife.

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