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Saturday, 22 September 2018


From my inbox:

I never cared about Ambode's origin, Infact I don't care about anybody's origin, I was at his declaration, was also at an event organised for him at the Coliseum in Ikeja, I voted for him, I wished he would continue from where Fashola stopped..he derailed even before he took the mantle of office, he started attacking Fashola in all fronts, that's the guy that campaigned passionately for him when his own plan failed..

He simply activated primitive politics, he abandoned all projects initiated by Fashola, he cancelled some and rewarded them, he was a man on a mission, buoyed by a mutual hatred he shared with his handsome godfather, he acted like a bull in a China shop, publishing all publishable just to malign his predecessor, it seemed like the sole reason for contesting..they knew PMB was in love with Fashola so their aim was to so tarnish his personality that Buhari would not deem him fit to represent Lagos at the FEC, the taciturn one ignored their tantrums and tripled his lot..

I fell in love with the herdsman for that..the din lowered and he had to face his job..He set his mind to it and he took a tour of Lagos, traffic was a perennial problem, bottlenecks were identified, he constructed lay by in all knotty areas, it did wonders, I forgave his initial transgressions, he seemed to have settled down to work, I began hailing him, a few other laudable projects followed and I thought we were in Eldorado...Suddenly, the hidden agenda of  reforms in the Civil service began to creep in, the emasculation of Perm Secs and DFAs, the wish to scrutinise expenditure of N1M and above that we all thought was to block loopholes, lo and behold, all meant to appropriate the gains to his cronies, all colleagues at the local government where he worked were brought in to supplant entrenched State civil servants, standards began to lower, local government Administrators did not cut it in the state, the training, exposure and philosophy would not coalesce, there were murmurs naturally, he for wind of it and vindictiveness set in, either u get the boot or get thrown out, it became a siege, he went for broke, disquiet in the house of power, then a new set of proposal writers showed up, Planet One and a few others, they became official contractors, order and form were thrown overboard, project execution became dictated by what the proposals dictate, governance became haphazard, then the need to raise more money to satisfy the new greed surfaced, here comes the 400% increase in Land Use charge.

Visionscape entered out if the blues, complaints ensued but the man had become a Pharaoh, those who raise their voice were threatened with home demolition or reclamation, Banire and Funmi Tejuosho comes to mind he was working with a cult and they never failed to tell him he's the one in charge..his vindictiveness even robbed Lagosians off the much needed housing infrastructure, he stopped the Ilubirin Housing project of Fashola, the carcass stands aloof till this day, he refused to provide land for Federal Government's Housing programme just because he would not allow Fashola to provide anything for Lagosians..I do not care about his problem with his godfather, I am not enamoured by that fellow my concern is Ambode's philosophy, his primitive politics, his new found propensity for self aggrandisement, his vindictiveness, loss of focus and aloofness..his lack of empathy and disdain for dissenting opinion..I really worry about all these..I just wonder what can come later if he's not checked now, I wonder..I just wonder🤔🤔🤔
It is well.  Nigerians are used to suffering...but  on this one we will revolt even if it means loving Tinubu back

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