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Saturday, 22 September 2018

Jide Sanwoolu supporters respond to Ambode’s challenge!


Eko si ma dun si! 🤣🤣 Enjoy

This are our responses to the trending defence of Gov Ambode’s performance. We challenge each claim with further questions. Hope they can respond to them!

Ambode Team (AT) Claim
Sanwoolu Team (ST) Question

AT - *Sanwo-Olu, handlers starts out with lies*
*"Ambode discontinued Babatunde Raji Fashola projects and initiatives"* .....
*Opinions are cheap ... Facts are sacred*

ST- Q Whose “facts”? The deluded perceptions of the Governor’s sycophants or the painful experiences of multiple sectors, residents and stakeholders of the Lagos Project?

AT- 1. The 7 line Lagos Light Rail project os on course: it is a World Bank / FGN guaranteed project that cannot be stopped without consequences. The Marina to Lekki Free Trade Zone line was added by Governor Ambode.

ST-Q: the light rail has been “continuing” for three years and it is not completed? Did it take BRF 3years to make the progress Lagosians saw? If BRF was still Governor, would the project still be at this stage?
Secondly, why add another “Free Trade Zone” project when the Light Rail was not yet concluded? Spreading the state’s resources too thin just because Gov Ambode wanted to start his own project.

AT- 2. The 4th Mainland bridge Governor Ambode commissioned and completed the Engineering Drawing as well as the Environment Impact Assessment; the process of shopping for financiers is on course as Blue Star Consortium could not raise requisite finance for the project as expected.

ST- Q: So why have Lagosians not seen a model of the 4thMB in 3 years? Where will it be situated? What bottlenecks will it ease? No media reports on the said Engineering or Impact Assessment Report? Or they were presented to Mr Governor behind closed doors and Govt House Press Crew were on vacation?
Only Gov Ambode has such important information of progress on a critical project and he keeps it to himself. Why are they telling us now at injury time?

AT- 3. Lagos State Security Trust Fund is a joint venture between the Lagos State government and Corporate Lagos inherited initiative and continued by Governor Ambode.

ST- Q: Truth. But that is probably the reason why it was maintained. Corporate Lagos was involved! What about Lagos Homs projects?

AT- 4. The redevelopment of Ayinke House started by Babatunde Raji Fashola is now completed and set for commissioning by Governor Ambode.

ST- Q: And it took 3 years to complete? A critical project like Ayinke House that saved the lives of thousands of women at childbirth could not be priority to Gov Ambode in his first or second or third year? Shame!

AT- 5. The Lagos State Transport Management Authority was continued with over 3000 new employees: officers and men.

ST- Q: Yet lawlessness on Lagos roads is second to none. People now drive facing traffic, bus drivers stop indiscriminately and traffic lights are disobeyed at will because Gov Ambode whittled down LASTMA’s Authority. Morale of the officers is very low and their sense of duty faded from BRF years. No leadership from the Governor. Who “3000 new LASTMA staff” epp?

AT- 6. While Babatunde Raji Fashola adopted a methodical development approach concentrating comprehensively on one area before moving to the next. Governor Ambode adopted a distributive development model in partnerships with the LGA resulting in over 300 inner city road construction.

ST- Q: This is the most self indicting statement on this list! First logic and common sense dictates that you complete one task excellently before starting another one. Spreading too thin across the State has resulted in substandard projects and untold hardship for Lagosians because Gov Ambode is doing 3 major projects simultaneously in one axis so the area is in lockdown! Shows lack of strategic planning. Some areas have 3 major projects ongoing while some areas have none!

Secondly, most of the projects are concentrated in a few LGAs/LCDAs. Epe getting the lion share despite having the lowest population! Ikorodu with highest density in Lagos East has some of the worst roads in Lagos State! Ikeja inner roads have collapsed resulting in gridlocks as it is a major Access area from Lagos Island to the Agege Axis.

AT- 7. No health policies of previous administrations in Lagos State was discontinued by Governor Ambode. No Chief Medical Director employed by BRF was disengaged by Governor Ambode.

ST-Q: But over 30 Permanent Secretaries that Lagos State invested in training have been sacked or retired in 3 years! Many were Gov Ambode’s peers in civil service while others were appointed by BRF! The Gov’s insecurity robbed Lagos of massive cognate experience in various sectors. Mr Governor filled the public service with people who cannot question him. Poor leadership.

AT- 8. Millennium School policy was continued with by Governor Ambode.

ST- Q: Education in Lagos State has been dull in the last 3 years. Whereas BRF engaged with the sector proactively to improve Teacher Quality and build conducive environments, the ONLY public intervention of Gov Ambode in Schools in the past 3 years was the ban of the use of school premises for other uses! This was in spite of the fact that it earned income for the schools to run efficiently. It’s a global practice by the way!

AT- 9. LASSRA initiative was continued with by Governor Ambode.

ST- Q: The pace of registration has dropped because Gov Ambode did not understand the strategic purpose of the initiative since he sacked the expert in charge a few weeks after he became Governor because she was BRF’s cousin!

AT- 10. Ikorodu Road redevelopment as put in place by BRF remained .... The lay bys and new bus stops are meant to ease vehicular movements in a city state with hundreds of thousands of commercial buses. For the nouveaux rich they may not understand what commercial bus drivers go through in the hands of of law enforcement agents for causing "Obstructions" ... Oshodi to Abule Egba is total redevelopment even the Street Lights put in place there by the Ambode administration were removed for the development of this project.

ST- Q: Who are the “nouveau-rich” in Lagos? Mr Governor disdains the prosperity of hard working and long suffering Lagos residents? How then can he contribute to that dream of every lagosian to prosper? Pathetic

AT- 11. BRF cleaned Oshodi Ambode upgraded the initiative with the ongoing development.

ST- Q: Lagos State has a 25 year Development Plan for continued infrastructural Development into a Mega City. Please can Gov Ambode explain why he has deviated from the continuity of that plan to start his own projects?

AT- 12. BRF banned a class of motorcycles on major ways .... Ambode continued with the policy.

ST-Q: With zero enforcements, the Okada are back on major highways. Gov Ambode should ask Lagos motorists who suffer this menace daily!

AT- 13. Traffic Radio was established by BRF it is in existence beaming to teeming listeners under Ambode administration.

ST- Q: And that is an achievement? How has Gov Ambode added value to the station? New equipment? Staff training? Technology advancement?

AT- 14. The Lekki Ikoyi cable bridge remains a signature project of the BRF administration and the Ambode administration uses the image of this bridge to promote Lagos in maximum

ST- Q: See achievement! So the use of an image as city icon shows Gov Ambode continued with his predecessor’s legacies? Is the government this pedestrian?

AT- 15. Life is dynamic and change is constant ... KAI remained as Lagos State Environment Safety Corp ... LAWMA remained as Cleaner Lagos Initiative it has been reverted back to LAWMA as Ambode believes we should "Leave thrash 4 LAWMA" ...

ST- Q: “Cleaner Lagos Initiative” is a monumental fraud and unmitigated disaster! Gov Ambode dismantled an efficient, inclusive and professional working model to manage trash in Africa’s largest city and installed a grossly inadequate one man business called Visionscape with NO experience, no planning and no indigenous understanding of the local area. He set Lagos back 16 years and put the Health and well-being of Lagosians at risk!
As for KAI, street markets have taken over the roads again because the Governor made KAI redundant.

AT- 16. There are several cabinet members and heads of Departments and Agencies yet on their desks almost 4 years after BRF exit.

ST-Q: For every such officer or appointee still at their job, three have been sacked, redeployed to oblivion or summarily retired!

AT- 17. Ambode became Governor in the era of recession. He cannot afford to be free handed with public purse. Yet he monetised festive seasons gifts and patronages; rather than flood government offices with contracted food items during these seasons.

ST-Q: So giving over 40% of projects to two or three cronies is how not to be “free handed with public purse”? Refusing to pay contractors on BRF ongoing projects is how not to be “free handed with public purse”? Being the single approval signature on ALL projects is how not to be “free handed with public purse”?
Successfully concentrating the wealth of Lagos in the hands of less than 10 cronies of Mr Governor, contrary to Section 2 of the Nigerian Constitution is Gov Ambode’s understanding of fiscal prudence? A seasoned Chartered Accountant and former Local Government Treasurer and State Accountant General?
Amazing !

18. Ambode knows that you don't change a winning formula ....

ST-Q: Really? Then Gov Ambode needs to explain why he
- dismantled LAWMA for Visionscape and turned Lagos into a heap of refuse;
- abandoned Lagos Homs which truncated the dream of becoming home owners for thousands of Lagos residents;
- systematically decommissioned hundreds of expert brains engaged in various aspects of the Lagos Project to enthrone a band of mediocre brains because they won’t be able to question him;
- practically slowed down all other BRF ongoing projects to start his own without consideration for the 25 Year Plan for Lagos State which has been the foundation of Lagos Success story he inherited from his two predecessors;

AT- *No one can change a winner man especially the cabal that failed to frustrate Babatunde Raji Fashola's ministerial bid.*

ST- Was Gov Ambode not in the fore front of the Campaign of calumny to discredit BRF’s integrity and rubbish his performance in an effort to frustrate his ministerial appointment? So same Ambode is now trying to ride on BRF’s legacies to redeem his self destroyed and battered goodwill among Lagosians. Ko le werk!

Dear Lagosians, please ask Governor Akinwunmi Ambode why he is afraid of Direct Primaries of the same APC Party structure that worked so hard to make him Governor? Or did he become Governor by himself?

@AkinwunmiAmbode it is #TimeToGo

@JideSanwoolu ti #SanwoEko!

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