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Thursday, 25 October 2018

How Adron Boss, Emmanuel King, lost out in 'Queening' the House of Oduduwa!

It is a common knowledge that it is almost a taboo in the Yoruba culture, for a King not to have a wife, talk less of a monarch of the Ooni of Ife's stature.

It has really been depressing for Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja 11, since his marriage to Olori Wuraola Otiti crashed unceremoniously; the fallout of how the marriage crashed came to almost rubbish by the traditional institution he sits atop.

His travails joyfully came to an end days back, as the youthful king, announced his marriage to a new bride in delectable and disarmingly beautiful Akure Prophetess, Shilekunola Moronke Naomi. The 25 year-old new bride, is a Prophetess/Evangelist of EN HERALDS, a prophetic mandate and an inter-denominational ministry in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria. Fresh facts however emerged on why the monarch settled for the beautiful Naomi, and he did it on a low key. It was gathered that almost two years since his largely-celebrated marriage to Wuraola Otiti hit the rocks; he carefully took his time to search for a new woman that will be without blemish, unlike Wuraola. And upon the coming of Oluwaseyi Naomi, months back, he has subtly decided to keep his affairs from the public, to protect her and the traditional hegemony. But the Ooni of Ife has now come out of his cocoon to announce the woman of his heart, for many factors which he says in bold terms, according to a close source, he believes she compliments him well, and she is homely and generous to a fault  and ultimately because of the fear of God in her. She is perhaps the right woman for the House of Oduduwa. As feelers have it that she is also a virgin, which is a chaste virtue for the throne, unlike many who have paraded themselves to be the queen-in-waiting. Before the coming of Prophetess Naomi, many have tried stealthily to queen the House of Oduduwa, in terms of foisting their stooges to marry the Ooni, but they have failed. It was after his marriage to the former wife, Queen Zynab, crashed, that it was rumoured that she must have been arranged for the House of Oduduwa by Senator Daisy Danjuma, from Edo,remember,she is related to the Polo boss, John Obayuwana, so they can have control of the House of Oduduwa, at their behest. Interestingly, many people have been throwing options of a new bride to the Oba, via their stooges, which the royal father did not oblige. Since that marriage to Wuraola packed up, many were mooted in the media to be arranging a new lady for Oba Ogunwusi. Remember, a certain Emmanuella Ropo, a mother of three,who was said to be parading herself as the queen,only for the Palace to latter rubbish her in a statement. Another was the drop-dead beauty, Tope Adesegun, who was equally involved with Ooni's philanthropic activities and was also touted recently to be in sync with the Ooni, but the alleged romance is now nowhere to be found.  Also, at a time, the story was all over town about the beautiful younger sister of the Adron boss,Oba Adetola EmmanuelKing being tipped as the next wife of His Imperial Majesty, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, in order to become his brother-in-law, and somehow be in good stead for his business empire. In fact, the level of their closeness, many erroneously said they were childhood friends, not knowing they just met last year. “He is a good friend of the Ooni and the relationship is about how to make them family through marriage,” a source reportedly stated at that time.  Another inside source, also disclosed that the Adron boss, 'King,' also wanted to use the proposed marriage of his younger sister as a leverage to stage him as a personal person to the Oba, in order to enhance his real estate businesses and even to have more chances to expand with the powerful collaboration of Ooni of Ife. What can be said,from the foregoing is that Oba Adetola King is desperately in search of power, and is doing everything possible to make self relevant, even when he is yet to attain royalty and already ascribing Obaship to self. He is rich,(a story for another day) but not influential, no wonder he is seeking every means to gain more influence from people that matter, like Oonirisa

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