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Saturday, 19 January 2019

2019 Presidential Debate: Nigerians react as Atiku says he wanted to attack Buhari

Nigerians have lambasted the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, for saying he wanted to attack President Buhari at the presidential debate on Saturday.
The former Vice President walked away from the debate venue on Saturday disappointed that President Buhari, who, according to him, he wanted to attack, failed to attend.
Part of Atiku’s statement had read, “After all, you cannot shave a man’s head in his absence. I do not believe in attacking a man who is NOT here to defend himself.”
Nigerians on Twitter found it hard to believe that Atiku only wanted to use the avenue to attack and not to tell them his plans for the country.
These are some of the numerous reactions that greeted Atiku’s decision, as obtained by us:

@PeterAyabi, “Are you there to attack or present your plans for Nigeria.”

@imeodu, “Very unfortunate. Nigerians were eager to hear your plans and policies to improve the current situation for the ordinary Nigerian. Here was your opportunity.”

@nnamossai, “If your intention is to “attack” the candidate, who will “defend” the Nigerian people? Your absence hasn’t helped that cause sir. Please get good advice.”

@ToluCOLLINS, “So the goal was to attack your opponent not to prove yourself to us #2019Debate.”

@Ixplorernd, “Sir, I believe that not the best decision to make, you could have use the opportunity to show us that all your energy is not just towards winning the election but and telling us what APC is not doing right but to showcase your good plan for us.”
@IfeDherbi1995, “Thank you for letting us know you this whole election is all about your RIVARLY with Mr. President. At least we know your true intentions.”

@Odepiipii, “You don’t have to talk against PMB just tell your own story.”

@buzuzu7, “Spot on Onochie. Atiku should be addressing Nigerians and not Buhari.”

@TosinCraig, “It wasn’t about attacking one man, it was about talking to Nigerians and convincing us to vote for you. You simply disrespected the electorate. Shame!”

@P_Cripton, “You that know, tell us what a debate is, a “Presidential” debate as it was supposed to be. Please remind the word in quotes.”

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