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Monday, 17 June 2019

Inhumane Acts Of Agidingbi Junior High School Teacher

Please read and share.....
Ordinarily, I love to mind my business but the callousness of a Lagos State teacher towards a group of students makes me put up this post.

It happened on Monday when I saw this girl at First gate bus-stop, Along Agidingbi road in Lagos, she is a student of  Agidingbi Junior Secondary school,  she was  looking very dejected at the bus-stop without a shoe or slippers. I approached her out of curiosity and demanded to know what happened to her shoes.

The look she gave me at first was like "Aunty abeg, leave me joor " but after pestering further, with a teary eyes, she told me her shoes were seized by a teacher in her school .
I asked her why her shoes were seized, she said: it was because she failed to bring cutlass to school as demanded by the teacher. I was so shocked at these revelation but I had little doubt about what the girl said and she was also in hurry to leave the spot, I decided to let her go while I proceeded to my office.

However, after leaving this girl, I saw another boy from the same school, Agidingbi Junior Secondary school  with a pair of sandal and I became more curious to know what happened to his own sandal too. Lo and behold... He also told me his sandal was seized by same teacher, one Mr Olutito.
In the boys voice: Ma, it's Mr Olutito that seized my sandal for not bringing cutlass to school. He even seized my brother's and other pupils too. My daddy has not been around and our mum can not afford to buy the cutlass.
"We don't even have transport fare and we are even trekking to Berger where we live," he said.

I felt so bad as a parent at these revelation by these kids and I can not but wonder why a teacher will be so cruel to the students that way... The unfortunate thing is that , Monday was kind of sunny day and these kids were made to walk bare-footed under the hot weather.

My take is " Why punish the students when he knows quite well that they won't provide money for the cutlass themselves?
No matter the teacher's defence, I still believe the innocent kids should not be made to suffer such inhumane punishment.

Can Mr. Olutito do same to his own kids or will he allow them to be punished that way over a mere cutlass.
By the way, did  he open a farm in the school or in his village that he needs so much cutlass to cultivate.

This act of wickedness by Mr Olutito must be put to an end... However, I couldn't take the pictures of the kids due to a cogent reason.

Please friends... Help me share till this reach the Lagos State Government and the Ministry of Education, so that this cruel act will be stopped in Agidingbi Junior Secondary school  and every other schools in the state where students might be going through such wickedness.

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